YoWhatsapp Apk 2022 Latest Version (Anti-Ban)


Whatsapp is a trendy name in the modern era of communication. Like whatsapp, some developers have developed a lot of new whatsapp modified versions with a lot of extra functions in them. Yowhatsapp Apk is also one of them, a highly modified version of the original whatsapp. If you want to be a technological person, these modified apps are necessary for you to upgrade your privacy and work at its peak.

Original whatsapp has some main functions in it. Most of the parts are limited and restricted in the original app. That’s why some third-party developers developed these types of whatsapp in which we can do anything according to our minds. There are many third-party whatsapp like gbwhatsapp, og whatsapp, yo whatsapp apk and many more. But these three are my favorite apps. So today, we are describing a brief detail about yowhatsapp premium in this article. If you are willing to know about other apps, go to GB Whatsapp Apk, FM Whatsapp Apk, and OG Whatsapp.

Intro Of YoWhatsapp

Yoga is a premium version of the original whatsapp, which has more than 20 high-class functions that are not present in the original app. The leading beauty of this app is that it is free of cost. You can enjoy all these extra functions without spending a single rupee. So are you ready to install a beast whatsapp version?

YoWhatsapp Apk

This app was released in the last months of 2020. As time passes, it will become prevalent in the mid of 2021 due to its highly satisfied functions. When people know that this app is offering new and latest tasks that are not present in the old whatsapp version, they start to convert to this app instead of the original whatsapp.

It is not present on the google play store. It is only available on third-party websites like gbclassy. Third-party developers make it. That’s why google play store cannot accept it on its wall. That’s why we offer you whatsapp for the ease of every needy person. The good thing is that it is secured and checked by high-class software. So there are no issues of insecurity in this app.

YoWhatsApp Apk

App Information

App NameYoWhatsapp
Compatible DevicesAndroid
Size47 MB
Last Update13 Days Ago

Interesting Features

As mentioned above, this app has more than 20 extra features than the original whatsapp. But here, we will describe the few prominent features of this app that will help you make the right decision about this app. So before getting yo whatsapp apk download into your mobile, please read all its features and then enjoy it freely without any hesitation.

Hide The Ticks

The main feature of this app is that you can hide your single, double, and blue ticks with ease. There is no rocket science to do this. This feature will help to improve your privacy and encryption more. With this feature, you can easily take a rest from unofficial messages that disturbs you. Others will think that you are not online, but you watched their notes which is an excellent feature.

App Lock Option

Here is an app lock option in this app. Turning it on your WhatsApp will require a password to open like a screen lock. If you want to secure your data perfectly, this option will help you a lot. By this, the chances of data leaking and theft will decrease to a higher level, and you can feel safer.

Send Message To Unsaved Numbers

This feature is a significantly outclass feature in yo whatsapp update. Yes, you are hearing the truth that you can send messages to the unsaved contact while the original version does not give us this opportunity. With this feature, it is not necessary to save the number of unnecessary people. If you have a work or problem, you can send them a message without saving their number on your mobile phone.

Customize Everything

You can customize yo whatsapp download apk from A-Z. You can easily change the icon of the app. There is also a text color-changing option. You can change the internal layout of this app. The whole app color is also changeable. You can also change the name of this app to secure your private chats.

A lot of New Emojis And Stickers

Tons of new emojis and stickers are now added to this app that is not present in any previous whatsapp version. Millions of new stickers are also embedded in this app. In short, you can say that with this app now, you can easily show your emotions and expressions according to any situation. No one can deny the importance of these stickers, but these are the only way that shows our tone in front of other people in a short time.

Block Calls Of Any Contact

We have always seen that in every whatsapp, when we block someone, then they can’t have any source on whatsapp to contact us. Sometimes an emergency can occur, but due to this situation, they cant make contact with us. But with this yo what’s up download apk you can block the calls of someone if someone is disturbing you by calls. It’s more interesting that you can also block the calls of unsaved numbers; that is absolutely a great feature of this app.

Different Colors Of Ticks

You will not see this feature before. Yes, with this yo whatsapp latest version, you can also change the colors of your ticks. You can make your ticks red, black, yellow, white, pink, and many more, whatever you want. With this feature, someone who will send you messages will be shocked to see your tick’s colors.

Change The Font Style

A lot of fonts are present in the library of yo-yo whatsapp. You can change your font anytime, anywhere, whatever you want. You can change the font of messages, status, about, name, etc. The viewer will be shocked by seeing the different fonts when every message will show him different font. In this way, someone will also consider you a master of WhatsApp.

Send A Larger File

With this latest modified whatsapp, you can send up to 800MB files at a time. Meanwhile, the original version and other third-party whatsapp do not have this facility in them. With this app, you can send a larger file up to 800MB; even if it is an audio, video, or document, it does not matter. This feature will help you a lot in your business work.

Zoom Feature

The zoom feature means you can zoom the profile picture of any contact, whatever you want. While in the other whatsapp version, there is no chance to zoom the profile picture of any communication. But if your crush has put her pic on her dp, you can check her dp with this zoom feature.

How To Download YoWhatsaApp

  • Open the browser and then search gbclassy.com.
  • After opening this website, you will see a category at the top with the name of YoWhatsapp. Click on it.
  • Then choose the first article with the title of YoWhatsapp Apk.
  • Explore this article, and at a place, you will find the button with the name of download.
  • Then click on it. It will redirect you toward the Mediafire page. Go there and then click on download. Your downloading will start automatically.

How To Install

  • First, you should go to the file manager to install this app.
  • Then search for the downloads folder and open this.
  • Click on the yowhatsapp apk file that you downloaded some minutes ago in this folder.
  • Then click on the install button. The installation process will start. If the process cannot begin, then allow unknown sources in the installing setting of the phone.
  • After this, your installation will start. And then enjoy this latest YoWhatsapp for android.


Before downloading and installing any app or game on your mobile, it’s necessary to read the whole article about it given by the website. Because by reading this, you will be able to determine whether this app is suitable for you or not. So here above is the complete detail about this YoWhatsapp. There are no cons to this app, while it has a lot of pros in it. So, according to us, it is the best whatsapp version if you want to enjoy all the upper features. Check here the comparison between Yo WhatsApp and the original whatsapp.


Is yowhatsapp web available?

Not only original whatsapp web is available to use on windows. We cant use any third-party whatsapp on our web.

What is the size of YoWhatsapp?

The perfect size of this app is 47 MB. But it can vary according to different phones.

Can we grab the backup from this app?

Yes, surely you can easily save the backup from this app.

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