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Although Whatsapp is the most widely used social app with many features, people still demand more features. So, third parties started working on it and introduced many mod apps with additional features compared to the original version, such as better sharing options, customization, and more privacy settings. A most distinct feature of the YoWhatsapp is that you can change the interface of this app with colorful themes. Yowhatsapp themes is a version developed by third parties with many unique features.

Most people want to customize the interface of Whatsapp but it requires a lot of time to modify every interface element. To overcome this problem, developers have introduced themes that will instantly change the screen’s look. Each element will look pretty when you apply themes of different color combinations.

All themes are free to download so that you can apply any. Most people get confused when they see a lot of themes in the app. I have described a few themes that are most widely applied and used. I hope you find an ideal selection for your Whatsapp in the yowhatsapp themes. So, let’s move toward the themes;

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YoWhatsapp Themes

Light Simple iOS Theme

The simple light theme is made casual with minimalistic designs. We can build a theme after the revelation of the interface of Whatsapp on iPhones. Now, the developers have made it very versatile with simple but decent options. It is perfect for those people who love modest options for their Whatsapp. It has a simple white color in the background. Also, it is lightweight with no lag issues.

Dark Predator Theme

A dark predator theme is the best choice if you like black themes for your Whatsapp. The whole scheme of this theme is black. It is made intriguing by adding horrible creatures living in the scary wreckages. It is straightforward but looks messy at first glance. Like the light theme, the dark predator is also free and safe.

Harley Quinn Theme

If you are a fan of comic books, you have undoubtedly heard of the Harley Quinn character of the DC universe. This theme is inspired by Harley Quinn, an animated superhero that is present in American comic books. In the center of the background, the character is added with of theme bluish and pinkish. The pinkish color is due to the hair of Harley Quinn, which is made classic and attractive with a transparent effect. I suggest you try this theme for once.

YoWhatsapp latest theme

Black Apple iOS Theme

If you are looking for a simple but classy theme for Whatsapp, the black apple iOS theme is the best choice because it combines black and blue colors perfectly. It looks like the old Facebook app.; ios has elegant skins, which are more prevalent among people. The iPhone interface is decent and straightforward; I have mentioned most iOS themes

Instagram Theme

Do you want to shape your Whatsapp like Instagram? If yes, the Instagram theme is the best choice for you. It completely changes the UI of Whatsapp; your chat bubbles and status will be the same as on Instagram. Text options will also appear on Instagram. Only insta feed will not appear because Whatsapp itself has no feed feature.

Google Pixel Theme

Google pixel theme is the second most popular theme for androids and PC. It is famous for the PC because its interface looks like the Gmail app. It offers a virtual and clean interface, due to which most business man like it. Again very simple with limited options. No fancy elements or bright colors. It looks very graceful and sophisticated.

White Theme

Even though most users want black and stylish themes, some want a white theme for their Whatsapp due to the elegant look. It has a solid white color interface, no contrast, and no combination to make it simpler. Other white themes are also available in the yowhatsapp themes app with different elements and shades. These are also getting popular among people.

Uchiha Itachi Dark Theme

Itachi is the most prominent fictional character in the Naruto Mugen game and film series. This character has a very inspiring story; he acts as a villain but actually is very innocent and helpful. This theme has a classical solid black surface that gives it a classy look. Itachi character is most prominent in this theme, and it is present in many colors other than black to make a perfect contrast.


Yoavengers is taken from the trendy movie; avengers. It is a comic series that is already gone a very hit. All the colors and interface resemble the avenger movie. Most of the themes included in yowhatsapp themes have movie characters and fantasy looks. Moreover, this theme is free and easily downloaded on Android devices or PCs. The dark mode is also available for this theme.

Twitter Oneui

Twitter is a trending social media app; some people use it excessively and want the interface like Twitter on their Whatsapp. You can consider this because it has the same interface as Twitter. In the yowhatsapp themes, you can also check the telegram, which has UI like the telegram. Telegram is also a rich-messaging app and is most widely used in some countries. All the themes are already in the library, and you don’t have to install them.

YoWhatsapp themes latest


Can I change the theme of original Whatsapp?

You cannot change the theme if you are using the official version, because it has only default green color. However, you can enable dark mode in the original version.

How can I change the color from blue to black?

To change the interface, install yowhatsapp themes. You will see a wide range of themes here.

Is Yo Whatsapp better than orginal version?

Yo Whatsapp has additional mod features, due to which it is preferred.

Wrapping Up

In the above section, I have briefly introduced the most installed themes in yowhatsapp themes. I am sure you will like these and want to download from these given themes. However, if your choice doesn’t match the above themes, you can check the other themes of this app. All the themes are free, and you can install them easily. To make your Whatsapp colorful with themes, you should try this theme app. Kindly visit our website for such amazing apps. Don’t forget to motivate us in the comment box.

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