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yowhatsapp gold

Whatsapp is a free messaging app that is available on smartphones and iOs. It also runs on the computers in the form of WhatsApp web through which it directly takes you to the PC, and all messages are recovered. Recent searches show that it is the most downloaded app and has billions of users. Yowa gold is the modified version of Whatsapp in which you can enjoy all the features that are not present in simple Whatsapp.

YowhatsApp apk gold is the app for text and calls with the same features as the original WhatsApp. But many other features are also added to the app, such as dual accounts, modified privacy settings, beautiful themes, and much more. Many other fake apps are present that hack your data or contain malicious software that harms your phone. But this is more reliable, and you can fully trust it.

As the technology goes peak level nowadays, people want more privacy in their Whatsapp, like they want to hide their last seen, more customizations in the themes and different privacy settings. But these are lacking in the official WhatsApp. Yo gold whatsapp is something unique and interesting. Yo, whatsapp was firstly developed by a man named Yousef. But later on, it was completed by Faudad, The founder of FM whatsapp.

What Is Yo Whatsapp Gold?

Yowhatsapp gold latest version comes with a variety of features. The privacy features are most prominent. You can hide last seen even hide blue ticks. The sender will never come to know whether you have read the message or not. You can also disable forward options. The most secure option of this whatsapp is that you can lock your whatsapp with the pattern code or a simple whatsapp. This way, if a person wants to see your data, this will never appear to him.

yowhatsapp gold features

This whatsapp supports messages as well as calls. You can also decide who can call you. If you are worried about the wrong numbers, you can set the option, and these can never call you. Be relaxed. You can share high-quality and HD images to others in the yo what’s app gold, which is so easy. You can customize the wallpaper and choose any solid color. Along with that, you can also use themes of different colors and styles as you want.

Yo, whatsapp has additional features you cannot find in the other messaging apps. You can now send up to 90 images simultaneously, and this does not take time. You can share images or videos within no time anywhere. The ban is removed in this app. Previously this app was banned in some countries due to hack versions. But, in this app, yowhatsapp golden, all the banns are removed.

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YoWhatsapp Gold

APP Information

App NameYoWhatsapp Gold
Size45 MB
Last Update2 Days Ago
Average Ratings4.7/5.0

Guidelines To Install The Yowhatsapp Gold

There are many ways to install it, but I will describe the much more convenient and reliable method. Follow these main steps:

  • Tap the download button. It will deflect you toward the download page.
  • Wait for a little, and a new download button will appear.
  • Push the new button, which will redirect you to the Mediafire page.
  • Click on this download button of media fire. The downloading process of yowhatsapp gold will start. The app will be installed soon.

Main Features Of YoWhatsapp Gold

Based On

This whatsapp is based on the version, which is the latest version of YoWhatsapp. This also includes the YoWhatsapp business, and its qualities are fast, end-to-end encrypted, and free. WhatsApp gold mod apk is now very famous because of the quality, which it provides for free. This app does not require any in-app purchase and would not demand anything from you. You are secure in this messaging app.

Emoji Changer

There is a large number of emojis present in the library of yowhtsapp gold. You can download new emojis also. This feature is also present in other apps like FM Whatsapp and GB whatsapp. But there is another modification in the yo whatsapp gold v9 50 download. Now, you can add the emoji of an external source on whatsapp and share it with others.

Docs File Support

More docs files are added in the yowhatsapp gold v9 50 download. Some are lxx, txt, vcard, xlsx, rft, and ppt. Some of the main docs files were added in the previous versions, such as pdf and docs. It provides premium features to the users. You can copy and paste status as well. You don’t need to download the saver for status.

communicate more easily with friends

Moreover, status words are increased from 130 to 250. The status duration is also increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. A long screenshot can be taken with this Whatsapp.

Ban Proof

Now, the ban has been removed from this app. You can use this wonderful app without restriction in the countries, free in the yowhatsapp gold pro. You can use a dual account, hide the contact name, and send secret messages to a person. In addition, image resolution and quality are improved. Freeze the last seen and set any date or time you want to fix. This app is fully-featured, and all of the features could not be described in detail.


I have tried to deliver all the information about the yowhatsapp gold apk download, and I hope this article will fulfill all the features lacking in the simple versions. This version supports both video and audio calls. Your data is saved and will never appear to anyone. Feel free to share photos and large videos with friends and family.

Pin up to 300 chats, hide any chat, change the hyperlink’s color, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Download the golden version of yowhatsapp and enjoy all the features for free? Share it with family and friends if you like it. If you feel any problem downloading, let us know in the comment section. For further information, you can also check how yowhatsapp is better than the original whatsapp?


Is YoWhatsapp safe to download?

Yes. This is safe and secure. Your messages are end-to-end encrypted. No one can read them, even Whatsapp. Also, more privacy settings are added.

Is the gold version contains all the latest features?

Surely, it has all the features present in the simple Whatsapp. And new features are also added, such as no ban, hide blue tickets, and last see

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