Download YoWhatsapp Business Apk 2022 (Anti-Ban)

yowhatsapp business

The business whatsapp is made for those who want to run and control their business whatsapp. So for controlling a business on whatsapp, we use whatsapp business instead of simple whatsapp messenger because it has all business facilities for every business owner. Some of us don’t use original whatsapp, and they use other whatsapp mods like gbwhatsapp, yowhatsapp, FM WhatsApp, ADWhatsapp and many more. For all of these today, we are giving you access to the yowhatsapp business apk, which is a modded version of business whatsapp apps.

This app is so easy to use for all those who want to put their business details on whatsapp and use whatsapp business. But if you are using yowhatsapp before it, it would be easier for him to use this app. Same as the original whatsapp, we all need a lot of new modifications in our whatsapp business app. And in 2022, only this wa business apk can fulfill our needs. Let us move down with us to know more about it.

Overview Of YoWhatsapp Business

If you are using any business whatsapp before it, it would be excellent for you; otherwise, it is not much hard to use for all of those who are not using any whatsapp business before it. This app has some extra modifications and features rather than the original whatsapp business mod. According to my experience in a technological era, we should want to adopt these latest modified apps instead of old versions.

download wa business mod apk

This app comes with a standard size of 45MB, which applies to every average device. In the last 1-2 years, it has been proved a master app for all businesses due to its many extra modified functions. It has made a lot of ease for every business manager. Due to its extraordinary features, you can satisfy every customer without your presence.

It has all those features which are present in the original whatsapp business. But due to its extra features, people in business are now moving towards it. So if you are also a businessman or running a small business, I will advise you to use this app to improve your customer experience and sales. Download wa bisnis right now and become a successful business manager.

YoWhatsapp Business

App Details

App NameYoWhatsapp
Last Update14 Days Ago
Size 38 MB
Version Latest

Top Features Of YoWhatsapp Business

Create Your Business Account

Every whatsapp business offers its user to create a business account for running a business. But this yowhatsapp business allows us to create a business account differently. A Lot of business settings are available in it that you can use to make your business more professional. You can create your profile in the best way to improve your business automatically.

Create A Business Catalog

You can also create a business catalog on this wa bisnis mod. With the help of this feature, a customer can buy your product directly from your whatsapp. Customers can easily choose the product by checking your catalog and ordering it directly without any problem. This will help the customer save his precious time and help him order from the actual owner instead of other companies.

Set An Automated Message

We all see that all the major brands and companies use this away messages system to give a better response to their customers. They set a message on their app, and this message is sent to everyone when someone tries to reach out to them. If you are running a business, it can be your wish to set this feature for you. So don’t worry because this whatsapp business mod apk allows you to set an away message. You just have to set a message and then set it for a group or everyone.

Greeting Messages

When we run a business, we always think about the satisfaction of our customers. How would it look when a greeting message is sent to your customer when he tries to reach out to you. A single greeting message can make you a precious customer. And when a customer is happy, it means the improvement and progress of the business.


Yowhatsapp business offers us a lot of labels about our payments, customers, pending orders, completed orders, pending payments, and many more. Each label will show you separately. You can click anyone from them that you want to open. Every label will show you its progress. As an e-commerce store, you can observe everything in your business, which is an excellent thing for every owner.

Attach Social Profiles

It is the era of social media. Most people use Instagram and Facebook more than whatsapp due to their encrypted systems. So after making a page and profile on Facebook and insta, you can connect it with your whatsapp business. On your social profile, your whatsapp business button will appear, and by clicking on it, your customers will reach you in the correct place in a short time. Otherwise, customers can also watch your social profiles through your whatsapp business account. Download whatsapp business apk right now and enjoy all the features.

Extra Features

  • Anti-Ban
  • Make calls anytime
  • Download Status
  • You can freeze your last seen
  • Hide the forwarded message tag
  • Show the blue ticks at the time of reply
  • Lock the group chat
  • Put a pin, pattern, and fingerprint to make your data more secure
  • Change the color of every chat
  • You can change the icon of this app
  • Set a 3D animation for the home screen
  • It has a VPN feature. You can do it anytime.
  • A browser is present in this app for more convenient browsing and downloading.

Final Verdicts

YoWhatsapp business is a modified app of the original whatsapp business. In this app, you will enjoy the new and exciting features not present in the original app. With this app, you can improve your business in a short time. This app will give the response to your customers in your absence, which is an incredible feature of it.


How to download apk whatsapp business?

You just have to click on the download button, and your downloading will start automatically.

Is it safe to use?

This app is thoroughly checked by premium software. We are assured that it is safe and reliable for everyone.

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