Whatsapp Status Downloader Apk 2022 (Latest Version)

whatsapp status downloader apk

Before today you have seen a lot of status download apps but today we are introducing a real high class whatsapp status downloader apk by which you can download status of any contact easily whenever and whatever you want.

Basically this status downloader app is made by third party developers I mean it is the original handmade status app download apk which is made by the developers of GB whatsapp who are well known developers the whole world. Due to this we can also imagine its qualities and functions easily. So be ready to download whatsapp status app download for android.

If you are not aware of the name of GB Whatsapp then click on its name and get an idea about high class and technological whatsapp apps. And now let us move down to know the intro of this download status app which will help you to get an idea about this smoothly.

Intro Of Whatsapp Status Downloader Apk

This whatsapp status app download app is basically made for those who want to save the status of their contacts into their phone. And it is reality that when we see 10 status at the same time we like one or two of them mostly. And then we text them to send that status but they send it to us in their leisure time. Sometimes they also can’t send us due to business.

whatsapp status saver without seen

How much would you feel if you were able to save any status after watching it? Of Course awesome and easy. And this thing will also help you to save your precious time. In this way today we are granting you WhatsApp status saver apk download app by which you can download any status into your gallery just by one click.

And the good thing is that it is also a status sticker saver app. You can easily save stickers into your gallery when someone will send it to you. While downloading status most apps require a premium account or many other things but this is whatsapp status app free download apk which is totally free to download and use.

Download GB Whatsapp Old Version

Whatsapp Status Downloader

Basic Features Of All Status Downloader Apk

For the ease of our visitors today we have described all basic features of all status saver apps in full detail. This full detail will help you to make a pure decision about status saver apk download app and you will be the master of this app before installing it into your mobile phone. So we will suggest you to read all these features in full detail before downloading this app.

ADs Free

The basic and main feature of the latest status download apk is that it is totally ads free. However any other Whatsapp status download app will show you ads after saving a status. But this WhatsApp status saver online apk will not show you any ads. And this feature will save your precious time which is absolutely a great feature.

Download Deleted Status

There is also an option to download the deleted status of your contacts. If someone puts a status and then deletes it then you can download it with this new latest status download apk within 24 hours. So tell me it is not interesting? Any other status saver apk download uptodown will not show you these qualities.

Stickers Downloader

Another superb feature of status com download is that you can also download stickers that your contacts have sent to you. After saving these stickers on your mobile phone you can also use them on the chats of other peoples to show your emotions and feelings just in a simple giphy.

Compatible For IPhone

If you are an iPhone user and losing your hope by seeing the APK word in title then there is no need to worry. Because this is also a whatsapp status saver for iPhone. Which means you can easily use this same apk on your IoS mobile phone.

Single Video Downloader

The last and top feature of status download status download apk is that if someone has put his status into 30s short forms. And the video is more than 30S then when you save it into your mobile then by merging it into a single video you can easily convert 2 status into a one video which is absolutely incredible. So be ready to download latest whatsapp status app.

Wrapping It

This whatsapp status downloader apk will also help you to save precious video into your gallery when you have no package of data. It will also pass your leisure time by seeing beautiful content. So if you like the status of someone and want to download it then this app is the best option for you.


What is a status downloader app?

It is an app for those who want to download the whatsapp status of their beloved ones.

Which WhatsApp save status?

After downloading this app every whatsapp will save the status.

Does status saver work with WhatsApp business?

Yes of course this app works with business whatsapp.

How can I download WhatsApp APK status?

You just have to click on the download button. Whatsapp status downloader apk will start downloading automatically.

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