Whatsapp Plus Gold Apk Download Latest Version 2022

whatsapp gold plus review app

Undoubtfully, whatsapp is a famous platform loved by millions of people. But these days, its users are not seeming happy as they are demanding something unique. So for those people, I am providing a modded version of the original whatsapp which is named Whatsapp plus gold apk.

Here, you will see a variety of unique features. Let’s use various themes of your choice. Enjoy status and several emojis with a single click. Share and receive high-quality pictures and videos from anyone.

Keeping a view on the people’s demands, Abo Arab develop the whatsapp plus gold edition apk. In the original whatsapp, some functions are disturbing, and using them is too hard. But here everything is peaceful and you will get the desired graphics.

Although it is a branded app, rooting the devices is not compulsory. This feature symbolizes that the app size is moderate. That’s why its download range is 100M+ people. Then click on the download button present here and enjoy it at all times.

How To Use The Whatsapp Plus Gold Apk

After achieving the whatsapp gold plus app download, there is a need to open the app. First of all, add your number and code to the app’s system. Then use it for various purposes as here everything is straightforward.

The app will offer you to send messages, make calls, watch statuses, send emojis, and other functions. Your mobile doesn’t need to have the number of other people because your message will be transferred to people without any delay. For this, you just need to use your hands not do other work.

Whatsapp Plus Gold Apk

While in the official version, we don’t send messages without the mobile number of people. Some people can cause disturbance for you. They can send horror movies, and bad items to you by violating the system. So I suggest you block them as early as fast.

Besides this, you can also enjoy the group’s calls and chats with each other. This is a lovely feature through which you can see all the people at one time. The privacy of gold whatsapp plus downloading new latest version 2022 will keep you safe from all hazards.

Golden Features

Highly Customizable

As Whatsapp gold+ benefits have a lot of customizing options, so it is highly customizable. Through these options, you can make an attractive account. While themes and font styles are suitable for the customization process.

There is a huge list of themes and you can also download new themes. These themes are vivid and eye-catching. According to me, these themes are enough for making a beautiful whats app. While your chat will become stylish through styled fonts. So choose themes and font styles and make a unique whatsapp.

Hide The Presence

Hiding the presence is an amazing thing. Most of us, don’t want to chat or call other people. But sometimes, our friends send messages to us through our online presence. Then we reply to them and it is only a waste of time.

Whatsapp Plus Gold Apk Latest Version

Thus talking, again and again, makes us tired. But today whatsapp plus gold apk has enabled this option for its users. By using this key option, your presence will display offline. Then no one will send messages to you and you can do your job comfortably.

Longer Status

The official version does not allow writing the long status. Only, the writing of 130 characters is possible. While the thoughts of people will clear only if the system allows the long status. But this is impossible in the real version.

So don’t become sad as whatsapp gold plus review app allows you to write 255+ words in a status. Yes! It is shocking and now you can write the long status of poetry and poems. Due to this feature, this app has become my favorite.


This application has effective controls in the sending of attachments. The official whatsapp is not good as it doesn’t give facilities to its users. While you can send only 30 images to the others. Also, the sending of the video quality is just 15MB.

In comparison, this modded whatsapp is offering a huge number of pictures and videos. Here, you can send 90 images only with a single click and the range of a video is 30MegaBytes. The team is also struggling with improving picture and video sizes.

Strict Privacy

The privacy given by the whatsapp plus gold status settings apk is unbelievable. Here, you can easily set a password for securing your private data. A two-digit operation option is present that is useful.

By which no one will interfere in your affairs and you can do your work smoothly. On the other hand, the real version has weak privacy. That’s why its users have to use the other third-party apps for securing their data and it makes them uncomfortable. But this app is free from other third-party sources.


What is whatsapp plus gold apk?

Whatsapp plus gold apk is an improved version of official whatsapp that contains many unique features.

How can I download the whatsapp gold?

If you want to download WhatsApp gold then click on the download button right now.

How to update the whatsapp plus gold apk?

The updating of the whatsapp gold plus apk is quite easy and you have to update it only from here. So when a new update comes, you have to remove the old version for getting the new version fastly.

Final Conclusion

If you want to use the unique version of whatsapp then simply use whatsapp plus gold apk. It is the best messaging app that can be used in various places. While the features are also very shocking. An anti revoke mode saves the deleting messages of the people.

While your message will be delivered to the other people with the time and date. I like this application as it enables us to get various messages without knowing the people. This application is best for people of all ages. So click on the download button given in the description.

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