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Whatsapp Plus Clone Apk

Whatsapp has revolutionized the world; it is the most widely used communication app, an easy and fast way of communication. Whatsapp plus clone apk is a copy of the original Whatsapp with many personalized features.

Whatsapp clone allows you to use many accounts in a single app without messing. For this, you need two different numbers. This version has better privacy options and quick-type features.

Whatsapp plus 14.10 apk download is a popular clone developed by ALEX and HEY mods. In this clone, you can use many Whatsapp with different numbers on the same device. By the way, the original or any other modded version didn’t let you do so.


This extended app is not on the play store; you will find it only on mod websites. For creating the clone, go to the settings and see if the device has the clone option or not. Popular phone companies such as Oppo, Huawei, and Samsung have cloning tools that create the clone itself and show it on the screen.

How To Clone Any Whatsapp?

Whatsapp plus apk is a well-optimized version with a more straightforward interface and incredible options such as freezing, last seen use of animated emojis, and DND mode.

Whatsapp plus is a better choice than FM Whatsapp and OG Whatsapp because of its more straightforward interface and minimal options. There are a few ways to create a clone for any app.

Whatsapp Plus Clone Apk Mod

Native App Cloning: To use the clone, come to the home screen; it will demand a phone number. You should give a different number for verification. After this process, you can successfully use the clone on the same phone with a different number. Native app cloning is offered by popular mobile companies such as Xiaomi and OnePlus.

Parallel space: It is also a clone creator which duplicates the pre-installed apps such as Whatsapp Plus Apk. It creates a new icon for the app; you can switch to another account with another number. This method works on almost all devices.

Multi Parallel : it is an app that clones any app in a few seconds. It also provides different tools such as status downloaders and simple management. It is also suitable for everyone, but it has some crashes.

Whatsapp Plus Clone Features Overview

Improved Multimedia Sharing

You can easily send big videos, files, and HD-quality images. Share video up to 50 MB and audio files up to 100 MB. Official Whatsapp limits the sending data up to some MBs only. Download whatsapp plus clone and share any data files without limit. Moreover, Whatsapp supports all media files such as PPT, XLS, DOCS, and PDF.

DND Mode

DND mode is the best choice for busy people. Now, you can enable DND mode in whatsapp clone settings. This mode disconnects whatsapp from the internet. You can call it airplane mode or flight mode for Whatsapp.

Use other apps without receiving calls and messages from Whatsapp plus. But this mode can work only on Whatsapp plus. Furthermore, you can lock your Whatsapp with a simple password or fingerprint for privacy.

Logs and History

Whatsapp plus web clone is a recorder that keeps a record of every activity. Trace your history and logs when you want. You can also backup your data and get the latest updates about the app.

Whatsapp Plus Clone 2022

You can also connect clone Whatsapp to a laptop or PC. Check your login updates, date, and time for the last login to any device. In addition to backup, you can clear history and remove unnecessary chats and other stuff. Whatsapp + clone has an in-built cleaner too.

Privacy and Security

People use Whatsapp for both personal and business dealings. Privacy is the first demand of any user, but most apps don’t offer security, so their chats are leaked. Whatsapp plus clone versi terbaru provides complete privacy about your texts and call logs.

No one can hack the personal data of your Whatsapp. This feature builds a sense of reliability and trust in people. Moreover, you can hide typing, online status, Dp, and last seen.

Invisible Ink

It is the newest feature, and maybe most users are unaware of invisible ink. Any message in the chat will appear only when the user has touched it. Any app becomes more prevalent when trends and styles are incorporated frequently.

Such a feature will attract users, making the app a super hit. Whatsapp business clone don’t have this feature. You can disable this feature too.

In-app Translation

Whatsapp plus mod clone apk has an in-built translator through which you can translate any text into the desired language. It supports 60+ languages in the library. Now, there is no need to use any translator app from outside. Just put your text in a translator and get it in the required language. This option is used mainly by a businessman as they need more.

Why Is My Whatsapp Plus Clone Not Working?

If you are trying to use whatsapp plus clone apk, but it is not working, there may be a few reasons for this problem.

  • The first reason is that maybe you are using the old version of Whatsapp Plus. So, it is vital to use the latest version. Back up your data when you have installed the latest version.
  • As this app is not available on the play store, you have to download it from other browsers. First, update your browser, and refresh the page. It will work automatically.

I have described some reasons if whatsapp clone app not working. If still any confusion is left, you can freely comment on us.


How to clone whatsapp plus?

I have described some ways to clone Whatsapp plus in the above section. You can apply any method to clone, whichever looks good. In my suggestion, native app cloning is the best way.

How to clone whatsapp with the same number?

Generally, it is not possible to clone Whatsapp with the same number.

Bottom Lines

In my suggestion, Whatsapp plus clone apk is the best-modified version with brilliant features. I have found no better app than Whatsapp plus clone. With new sticker packs and emoticons, it provides the best conversation experience. It is a perfect messaging and calls app with personalized features.

Alternative:- FM WhatsApp Plus

The customization part is most exciting in the app, where you can completely change the interface. Also, you can change text and font styles. If you want to install the app without country restrictions, whatsapp plus clone banned apk is the best choice.

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