Whatsapp Plus Business Download Latest Version (Official)

Whatsapp Plus Business

If you want to communicate with customers more efficiently, Whatsapp plus business can give you all you need. Whatsapp business is like the original whatsapp with extended features such as better communication with clients and business managing tools that help grow your business.

It is used all over the world by business owners and clients. The Whatsapp business is beneficial for you if you want to keep your personal and professional life separate. It would never disturb your personal life.

Whatsapp business apk is a modified version of the official WA business, which offers more dealing opportunities and better services than the original Whatsapp Business. Whatsapp LLC is a very famous developer that has released many social apps.

Whatsapp plus business is also their invention, offering impressive features such as Ban Proof, unlimited chat options, fingerprint lock, and many more.

How To Use Whatsapp Business Plus

Whatsapp+ business is a simple and personal messaging app like Whatsapp Business, but it is designed differently to meet business needs. Use a separate number for business and create an account on it.

After creating the account, you must select the business category and add some information to the description. Put your services in the last lines and give accurate information about the city, work, and company.

Also, a web feature is added to the Whatsapp business, which allows you to set up your business on a laptop or PC.

Whatsapp Plus Business 2022

Create a unique business profile, including the basic information about your business. Make phone calls with fixed or landline numbers to deal with customers. Be active with automated messages and quick responses.

Labels help you tag contacts so you can use them for fast dealing. You can also use the catalog option to show your services and products. Most business people use the catalog option for selling their products.

Salient Features Of Whatsapp Plus Business

New broadcast

Send multiple photos and videos at the same time. You can also create a group for the customers and other business people. Send order and shipment details to the clients and get new updates instantly.

Download WhatsApp Business and create a new web of people for the customers; this makes them more accessible to you. Add information about the company and location or address so that more people visit your company. Become more personal with the end-to-end conversations.

Business Managing Tools

Get notified about the dealings. Deliver orders just through a single app. You can commerce and start trade with the whatsapp business plus 2022. Start your business by selling or buying products.

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Deal with customers through business tools such as sending greeting messages to clients, sending introductory messages, and allowing them to check your location. In this way, they can get an idea about your availability. Moreover, you can send scheduled messages at a specific time.

Increased Words And Characters

There is an increase in the ability to send videos and images on whatsapp plus download 2022. You can send videos from 16 to 30MB. Also, you can share 10 to 30 photos at the same time.

You can easily copy and paste the StatusStatus of any contact. Moreover, status words are increased up to 250 characters. You can directly copy any link and paste it into chrome. This version of Whatsapp is better than FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp.

Make Free Calls

Make your communication efficient through voice and video call options. You can make calls to contacts or unsaved numbers. WhatsApp business plus mod apk acts as a zoom app, by which you can view the profile footage. You can also limit the callers and block them if needed.

There are advanced privacy settings such as hiding your online StatusStatus, or you can lock the Whatsapp business plus through the pattern lock or fingerprint. You can also view the media without downloading any files.

Customize Your Screen

Customize the home screen through different themes and wallpapers. You can also select the language, font size, and other styles. You can freely change the color of the text, background, and main screen.

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In the WhatsApp business 2022 new version, you can change the color of the top bar, last seen bar, and messages. In this way, you can do any customizations to the screen according to choice and need.

Ban Proof

Last but not least, whatsapp business update 2022 is ban-proof, and you can use this app anywhere in the world. It is entirely safe and free from any restriction. Trust me; it will never let you disappointed.

Moreover, it is entirely free; you need an internet connection. So, what are you longing for? Your data is completely safe in this app; this secure app doesn’t let anyone access your data.

Other Features

  • View quick conversations
  • Completely free.
  • Counter Statistic for chats and especially groups.
  • Hide the name of the contact and limit your StatusStatus with privacy options.
  • Support of PPT, Vcard, XLSX, Docs, And Zips


Can WhatsApp+ Business Account see StatusStatus of others?

Yes. You can view the StatusStatus of other people in your Whatsapp+ Business account. You can also save them with a single tap option. There is no need for a status downloader when you install Whatsapp business plus.

What are the Disadvantages of WhatsApp Business Plus Account?

These accounts are not secure, and they can be easily hacked. So, there is a risk in using such moded apps.

Is WhatsApp Plus Business Fully Free?

No doubt, Whatsapp Plus Business is a free app. You don’t need to spend money on its use.

The Final Summary

Whatsapp plus business is an indispensable app for clients and business people. Communicate through the largest network of Whatsapp businesses where you can buy and sell products, satisfy customers with a frank conversation, and much more.

Give a good look at your profile and use business messaging tools to manage your business. The app is mainly related to business dealing, but you can use it to chat with family and friends. So, why are you still waiting? Come forward and establish your business with better ideas and opportunities.

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