Whatsapp Plus Apk Update Version Download [2022]

Whatsapp Plus Apk

We all know that WhatsApp is a famous platform and its popularity is increasing daily. But sometimes it does not fulfill our desires. So there is no need to worry because today’s whatsapp plus apk is available. Through this app, you can contact the whole world.

Not only this, you can get the fun of video calls, audio calls, chatting, and several other functions. Make beautiful pictures and add them to the status. Also, you can enjoy the status of other people. So read the article and find more.

Whatsapp plus pink version was first created in 2012 by XDA company. After XDA, two other people work hard on this app. The first developer of this app is AlexMods. He with his team developed the other four mod versions of WhatsApp.

At last, HeyMods develop the mod version of Whatsapp plus apk that relates to XDA’s WhatsApp. Now you can imagine how much popular is this platform. While it has gained 300M+ downloads, so click on the download button and get this app free of cost.

File information

File NameWhatsApp Plus Apk
Version Latest
Size66.7 MB
License TypeFree
Requirement Android5.0 +
Latest Updated1 Day Ago

How To Use Whatsapp Plus Apk

The use of the latest version of WhatsApp plus is similar to the original WhatsApp. However, there are some additional features that you can easily understand. After downloading the app, the next step is to open it with a single click.

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When the app opens, then add your number to it. After putting the number in, a code will come to your mobile phone. Now you have to add that code to this app. If you put the code you can get a lot of enjoyment from here.

Whatsapp Plus Apk 2022

Now it is on you how you use the whatsapp plus apk app download. According to me, it is best for chatting and calling purposes. So call your favorite person and become close to each other.

In the official version, you can contact the people only when their numbers are saved in the contact list. While here you can contact the other persons without saving their numbers or names. Besides this, you can share and receive high-quality images and videos which is also great fun.

Implausible Features

A Huge Number Of Emoticans

Emoticons are the best for judging the mood of anyone. If you use social media apps, then you can understand my saying. In the real version, emoticons are limited and you will be bored by using them again and again. That’s why whatsapp plus apk without ads has a variety of emoticons.

These emoticons are love, anger, sleep, awake, emotional, etc. According to me, these emoticons are enough for making good relationships. Note If you send these emoticons to the original WhatsApp user then he can not see your awesome emoticons.

Hiding Options

Busy people don’t have time additional time for using social media apps. But sometimes, they use WhatsApp for fun in their mind. It is a general thing that sometimes we don’t want to reply to our friends, family members, etc.

But if we don’t reply to them on time then they become angry with us. While the next time, they also avoid us for our doings. If you are facing this issue then use whatsapp plus settings. In these settings, many hiding options are present by which you can hide your presence, status, profile, etc. So use this key option and live a comfortable life.

700+ Themes

In the official version, limited themes are present and are not well. While in whatsapp plus reborn apk more than 700 themes are present and you can use them every time. Each theme is different in color and has a specific visual appearance.

Besides this, you can choose the themes of your desire. These themes display with the name, date, and version. All these themes are already downloaded and you don’t have to download them one by one. Thus, everything is customizable and you can customize the chats, groups, and other things.

Auto Reply Message

We want to talk with our friends every time but our duties don’t allow us to talk every time. This causes issues for us and our friends think that we are not giving importance to them. So today I am here for describing the solution to your problem.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download Latest Version

In whatsapp plus apk, an auto-reply message option is present. From this option, your message will be sent to other people without you. This option is also present in the WhatsApp business while the original WhatsApp lacks this option. So send automatic messages to the people and enjoy it a lot.

Advanced File Sharing Option

Sharing is a process that makes our relationships strong. If you use this option daily, your relationships will improve. While some people do not share items with other people. In this way, they become alone and tired.

I like whatsapp plus play store because it allows users to share pictures, videos, and documents of high quality. Through this platform, you can learn what is happening around you. While the official WhatsApp, does not allows you to send items of high storage. So Whatsapp plus is best than the original.


What is WhatsApp plus?

Whatsapp plus is a modded version of WhatsApp and here many exciting features are present.

How do I download WhatsApp plus?

Whatsapp plus is not available on the google play store and you can download it only from here. But you have to click on the download button which is present here.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus apk?

There is a great difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus. Whatsapp is a simple file that can be downloaded from the google play store. While the WhatsApp plus is a modded version that you can get only from here.

Finally Thoughts

If your question is What is WhatsApp plus apk? Then freely read this article because here compulsory things are present. Whatsapp plus apk is a modded version that contains a variety of features like a cleaner, recording status, auto-reply, unique fonts, and styles, etc.

It does not matter whether the second person is present in India, or japan, you can contact them at all times. This modded version is not present on the google play store because the play store does not support the modded files. So you have to download it only from here.

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