WhatsApp Gold Apk 2022 With Anti-Ban Feature

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Hey, boy are you tired from the daily routine of WhatsApp and want to use a beautiful WhatsApp without any restrictions then be ready to get WhatsApp gold apk. It is a pro version of gbwhatsapp and original WhatsApp. You can also download it instead of the original WhatsApp if you want to experience a pro version.

As we mentioned above, we can also say that GB WhatsApp gold apk or yo WhatsApp gold apk because it has all features in it which are included in the above versions of WhatsApp. It is a production of a third-party developer whose name is Altornedo 7 which is also made famous by Nasser.

Gold WhatsApp has extra features than any other pro version of WhatsApp. Its features are demanding features that you have not seen in any other communication app. Original WA also requires some restrictions but in this app, you will feel free fully. So don’t waste your time and be ready to get a golden WhatsApp on your beautiful phone. Let’s move down to know the storyline of whatsup gold.

Storyline Of Whatsapp Gold Apk

The story of the gold version WhatsApp is very simple and basic. You all know that in any version of Whatsapp we find just its original color But a lot of users demand to change the WhatsApp colorfully. On the demands of WhatsApp lovers, the third-party lover made this WhatsApp plus gold edition.

golden whatsapp plus download

The main and basic quality of WhatsApp GB gold is its golden color. In this pro app, you will find everything in golden color. And the best thing is that it also has all features of other WhatsApp apps even if it is GB or WhatsApp plus or FM WhatsApp. So be ready to download the WhatsApp gold apk 2022 version.

Here we are describing to you a full detail of GB Whatsapp gold apk features. Which will help you to know about this app in full detail. By reading them fully you will be able to make the right decision about this app. And you will start as a pro master of WhatsApp gold 2021 apk. So what are you waiting for? Become ready to download WhatsApp Gold. Let’s move down to know the interesting features of the WhatsApp gold apk.

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GB Whatsapp Gold
App NameWhatsApp Gold
Size50 MB
Updated3 Days Ago

Top Features Of Whatsapp Gold Apk

Appearance Privacy

The top feature of this app is its hidden appearance privacy feature. By which people will not be able to check whether you are online or offline. When you were on WhatsApp or out from WhatsApp? So with this feature, you can do anything easily. No one can disturb you.

One Superb Feature

Whatsapp goldenleak apk has a superb feature in it. The superb feature in it is that you can check anyone that he/she is talking with whom? By this, you can check and know the reality of your near and dear ones. It is also good for those who want to check their girlfriend or boyfriend! So what are you waiting for?

Write Longer Status

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp gold WhatsApp is that you can write a huge status text on status. This WhatsApp gold 2022 apk will allow you to write up to 260 characters while the original WhatsApp restricts you just to 130 characters. So be ready to install WhatsApp gold on your beautiful phone!

Change Colors

The main beauty of WhatsApp gold latest version is that you can change the color of anything in this app. You can change the color of app icons, fonts, backgrounds, chat rooms, chats, and even the color of everything. So what are you waiting for? You will not see the features like this. So don’t waste on other chatting apps and download the golden version of WhatsApp.

Enjoy Dual WhatsApp

Another good news about the WhatsApp gold edition apk is that you can use dual WhatsApp on your mobile with different numbers. With this feature you can communicate with your close people on your number and your other WhatsApp will be used for all. This will help you alot to keep you more secure and private.

Message Scheduler

Have you heard before that you can set any message on schedule in any communication app? No, but today this gold WhatsApp app will grant you a scheduling feature. By this, you can set good morning and good night messages on schedule. Tell me, is it not interesting? And it is also download as whatsapp gold apk ios.

Attachments Feature

Another beautiful feature of the new golden WhatsApp is that you can send up to 90 photos and 100 files at one try while the original version and other versions of the app can’t allow you to send 90 images at one time. All other versions of the app must allow up to a maximum of 45 photos or 30 photos.

Auto-Reply Feature Of GB WhatsApp Gold APK

The last and top feature of this app is its auto-reply feature. You can send messages to specific contacts to give them an auto-reply. The main thing is that it cannot require an internet connection. Even if your data is on or off whatsappgold will send your messages to the receiver.

whatsapp gold apk download

How To Download It

If you are new to our website and don’t have an idea about yo WhatsApp gold apk download process then don’t worry. Here below is full detail about its downloading process. However, you will not feel any difficulty. So follow these simple steps to get this app into your mobile phone.

  • Click on the download WhatsApp gold apk button.
  • It may require some permissions then allow all permissions and click on the download anyway option.
  • Your downloading will start automatically.

How To Install It

There is also information for those who don’t know how to install VIP WhatsApp download apk. Follow these guidelines to do the last step.

  • First of all, get a backup from the original WhatsApp. Then uninstall it from your phone.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and open the apk.
  • After opening it choose the install button. (It may require some permission then allow all these permissions.)
  • By this, your installation will start automatically. After completion now it’s time to enjoy it.

Final Verdicts

As we all know, this is an era of technology and modifications. Then in this way, we offer you WhatsApp+ gold apk. You can even use it as WhatsApp gold apk for pc. All the world is using this app. There are no bad results about these modified WhatsApp. So don’t hesitate to install WhatsApp gold version right now.

Important FAQs

What is Whatsapp gold apk?

It is a premium app of original WhatsApp with extra perks and features. It has features that you will not see in original WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp versions.

Is it safe to use?

It has been trending for 2 years all over the world. And nobody put any official issue about this app. Meanwhile, it is a production of a third-party developer but we can use it.

How will I update this?

If it requires any update then visit gbclassy.com and search by its name. You will find automatically updated versions there. Then delete the previous version and download the updated version.

Can we use both original WhatsApp and gold on the same device?

No, there is no facility to use both apps on the same device. However you can also use dual WhatsApp or WhatsApp gold apk on the same device.

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