Ogwhatsapp Status Saver Download Images, Videos

Ogwhatsapp Status Saver

Status saver is the need of every Whatsapp user. Your friends and community upload status daily. Some of the statuses attract you, and if you want to save them in your gallery, I recommend you to download the ogwhatsapp status saver because of its brilliant features and intuitive use. This single app can save any image or video in HD quality and resolution. It was introduced after the high demand of android users.

Og Whatsapp has released many updated features to make it reliable such as more privacy settings, colorful themes, use of dual accounts, and many others. One of the most prominent features now released in the form of an app is the status saver apk, by which you can save any image, stickers, GIF, or video. Download your favorite image or video without taking permission from the owners. You can save any image or video in a few seconds; it is fast.

How To Use OGWhatsApp Status Saver?

This status saver is simple and easy to use. Just open the Ogwhatsapp, view the statuses of your contacts, then come to this app; all of the viewed statuses will be already present. You can download them with a single click.

Soon, you will get the notification of downloading; it is a confirmation message that appears at the top of the screen. Check your file manager or gallery; all images will be shown here. Now, it’s up to you to edit or publish them as it is.

Ogwhatsapp Status Saver

WhatsApp status saver is free to download and use. Save all types of video clips, Snapchat streaks, and GIFs. You don’t need to link both apps, these will be connected automatically, and you will never face any issues or bugs. Millions of users have trusted this app and given very positive comments about this app.

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It seems awkward when you ask your friend to send the image or video that is already uploaded. Moreover, most people don’t take it as a good thing. So, the whatsapp status app is specifically made for you if you face such problems.

Enchanting Features Of OgwhatsApp Status Saver

The features of this status saver are unique and attractive. You will clearly understand the app and its usage when you thoroughly read the features. We always use simple language so that this article fulfills all your queries about this app. Moreover, the app is designed with many efforts to make it accessible for all users. Here are the salient features of this status saver;

Compatible With All Android Devices

Due to its small size, it is compatible with all android devices. It is user-friendly; you can scroll up or down to check the new status. Moreover, you can select multiple images to save them and add them to the gallery. Whatsapp status saver for iphone will scan the images and bring them to the library. Furthermore, there is no need to create an account or signup for this saver.

Save Deleted Status

Og Whatsapp offers you to view the deleted status of your contacts. You can see an image or video uploaded for a few seconds and then removed. When you view the status, it will automatically appear in the ogwhatsapp status saver, and you can save it. In this way, you can save the deleted status of other people; how excellent is the app? Don’t hesitate to use this app.

Easy to save And Report

Download any image or video by clicking only one button and save it directly into your gallery. It will never lower the quality of images or video. Meanwhile, you can save full-screen images of very high quality; it will not disturb their quality. Download whatsapp story saver and report all the saved images on Facebook and other social media accounts. All this is just a single click away from you.

Inbuilt Media Player

There is an inbuilt media player for watching the videos. It is upgraded with time; you should stay connected with the app. Hence, you can view them in this media player without watching them in the gallery. All status saver is made for video of any resolution; you can also save the stories and snaps of people.

Enjoy Status Saver Without Any Ads

Reshare your romantic songs, love status, and funny and sad songs without ads. This Apk version blocks all the ads and gives the best experience to users. Whatsapp status saver download is free from annoying ads. So, these ads will never disturb you while watching the videos or images. Moreover, you can save the stickers that are sent to you. Save cute and lovely stickers for your loved ones.

Supports Multiple Languages

WhatsApp status saver supports multiple languages such as English, Punjabi, Kannada, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Gujrati, and Malayalam. English is most widely used, but still, you can switch to your mother language. Other status savers support limited languages. Thus they have limited use. But this app is most widely used due to its unique features.

Ogwhatsapp Status Saver

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp status saver is the best app for saving all types of images or videos, whether the size of the video or image is more significant or lower. It is compatible with all devices, such as the iPhone and Windows.

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Moreover, your data is ultimately saved in this app and will never be hacked. No privacy issues are found at all. It is of small size and easily downloaded on any device. Visit our website for such brilliant apps and games. Feel free to leave a reply in the comment box.


What is a status saver?

Status saver is a tool that saves pictures or videos without using any data. It also saves stickers and GIFs.

Can you download the status saver?

Yes. We can download the status saver for Whatsapp and save any image or clip.

Which status saver is the best?

Although many status savers are available in the market, I think ogwhatsapp status saver is the best option for you.

How can I open WhatsApp status saver?

The app needs some permissions; after completing this step, you can easily open and use this status saver.

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