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ogwhatsapp mod apk

One important thing is that mobile technology is advancing as fast as you think. Are you surprised to hear this? Surely I am going to surprise you even more today. So, I’m gonna discuss one of the most interesting mod versions of the original whatsapp with its outstanding features.

OGWhatsapp apk is the third party developed modified application of the official whatsapp. Well, I already describe the difference between the original and mod version in the gbwhatsapp post. Here, I will just shortly explain to you, not in detail cause here the main target app is og whatsapp app.

You will be amazed to know that there are so many MODS these days that you can imagine. Well, the question arises as to why we need this mod version? The main reason is that we are bound to the official or original version of any app. So, the mood emancipates from this confusion.


App NameOG WhatsApp
File Size50 MB
Required Andriode Version5.0 and Above
Last UpdateFew Hours Ago

More About OGWhatsapp Apk

In og whatsapp apk 2022 latest version, mod of new features are enlisted in it as I explained it thoroughly in the part of features in below section. Yup, it follows the recent updates, so that app is better than fm whatsapp, yo whatsap according to my experience, yes, you can agree or disagree with me.

Absolutely, with ogwhatsapp update this is the best alternative to whatsapp. But, no doubt most trust of all users on the original whatsapp, so that is why it’s the most popular social messaging application with 500 million active users per month.

Misconception About OG Whatsapp

Well, here I will try to facts about og whatsapp in detail. Most people think that the ogwhatsapp mod apk is a cracked file, so they misunderstand that it’s hacked their personal data, and also they imagine the privacy is not secured while using it. All that’s misconceptions are 100% proven wrong cause most people used them scrupulously. So, they never observe that’s issues, using it without any worry but carefully.

Another misunderstanding about ogwhatsapp is there are no regular updates released from the modified developer as they observe in official Whatsapp that’s announced each month updated and they have noticed from the google play store.

It was imperative to talk over the misguides as I explained above, after that thoroughly discuss the brilliant features of og whatsapp apk. As the features are the backbone of any app, that plays a really important role in whether the application is good to use. So, wait, for what? Let’s start…

Remarkable Features of OG Whatsapp

Wait, before downloading the application, Just have a look at the outstanding features of ogwhatsapp pro. Always use the features in the right way, I mean, don’t overuse any feature. Let’s come to the main point without wasting time.

ogwhatsapp apk 2022

OGWhatsapp Chat Backup

Sometimes, you know that’s the application has bugs and due to it most of the data removed without any notification. So, that app provides the best option of getting a backup every month or weekly as you want. You can get your chat backup in download pdf or connect your ogwhatsapp with your email. Then done the setting of monthly data send at the target mail as you considered.

Pre Set Message Schedule

Oh, you know in this busy life, once in a while, forget the most important day like the birthday or anniversary day of loved ones. So, that’s a feature pre-build message schedule that’s really helpful for all. Because here you can read the message and make the schedule as you want, then that message delivers on time that you fixed. So, for using that feature, you must have a good and secured data connection.

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker

On this busy day, you can care for your privacy yourself. Adjust the security code or pattern that’s you know, not anyone else. As you secure your mobile phone from the others, so, likewise, saved your WhatsApp og app from anyone by using the password-protected option from the setting menu. Yup, privacy is the highest virtue & everyone has the fundamental right to secure it.

Anti-Ban APK

For your kind information, the ogwhastapp is completely secured and anti-ban. Cause a few years ago, most of the mod apps were banned from the official owners. But, now the situation is different, and 3rd party developers work smartly and accurately.


Yup, the magic feature of the whatsapp application is that you can see the deleted messages, and status. If someone messages you on WhatsApp and immediately h deleted it, you can read that message even if he thinks about you not read still. From that feature, you can surprise anyone who sending messages and then deleted them.

No Need Any Status Downloader

In the latest version of OG Whatsapp; you will avail yourself of the exciting features that are you can download the status either video or image. But you know, on official WhatsApp just you can watch, not save the status of your friends. Yes, you can also save status from the original WhatsApp by using various types of status downloader apps.

Calling to Unsaved Number

The official version does not allow you to call anyone before you add contacts to your mobile contacts book. But, from this mod version, never need to save any contact number on your phone device. Doesn’t matter if someone adding your contact list or not, you can direct audio and video calls with anyone.

Block Particular Contact’s Calls

If someone calls you again & again during your busy time or meeting, then you can block the call recipient, not the complete contact. I mean not 100% block, they will message you, but not call you at that moment.

Set Group Name

By the way, you can make a group in the original version in just 25 characters, but in this mode version, used more than 35 words to create an eye-catching and attractive group name wth using emojis and stickers.

Explore Thousands of Themes

In the real original version, you can bear just a few themes, but in the mode version of ogwa apk app, you have gained thousands of themes with multiple categories and types. So, explore the world and find better colorful themes according to your taste.

Send Images Up To 90

You can send & receive many images at the same time by using this og whats app. That feature is not available in the official app. Also, you can send multiple videos of high quality and size to your friends and colleagues.

Operate Two Accounts

You know, I love this feature; case you can control your two whsatpp accounts in just a single mobile account. Really interesting, I used this option and create my two accounts one is for my personal matter and the other is for business purposes. Yup, before, I installed two WhatsApp apps on my android mobile. But with the help of OG Whatsapp no need for 2 applications. I am sure, you love that feature and used it like me.

Pros & Cons of OGWA

Hide Your Online StatusNot 100% Secure, So used it carefully
Send unzipped unlimited images with qualityUpdates not released properly
Lots of emojis and stickers are availableNot an official app, so not used for personal
You can watch status without downloading
Data & Recovery way available
Supported all types of files sending & receiving

How To Use OG( Downloading & Installing )

  • As you can use and download the original Whatsapp, same the procedure here.
  • og whatsapp apk download 2022 latest version from the above link
  • Wait for a while, then install it on your device either mobile or pc
  • Enable the unsourced file from the android setting
  • Now, your OG file app is successfully installed
  • Now, you can use it as the official whatsapp
  • Used carefully the ultimate features of og whatsapp
  • Make an account and do the profile setting
  • Let’s start chatting with your friends and loved ones

Final Thoughts

I’m really sure guys that this mod version of ogwhatsapp apk is all in one application cause various features are contained in different mod whatsapp apps. It means ogwhatspap is merged with all other modified fm, gb, yo, whatsapp types in the sense of features. I already mentioned all the premium and magical features above with full details.

In short, ogwa apk facilitates you to live smartly & wisely. Chat with your friends & colleagues by using its pro features and items to impress them. Also, if someone uses your mobile or steals it, then don’t worry your data will be secure and safe.


What does OG WhatsApp mean?

Its advanced popular modifier of the official whatsapp has amazing features, anti-ban, and DND mode.

How can I update my OGWhatsApp?

You can regularly check the updates from Google, or visit my blog. I also update the regular updates of all the modified applications that are placed on this platform.

Is OGWhatsapp Apk Save?

BTW, I answered this query in detail above, but here I shortly describe that this application is 100% safe and secure. You don’t need to worry that your data has been revealed cause it’s a cracked or hacked app developed by a third party. So, be relaxed and used it freely.

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