OG Whatsapp Web 2022 (OGWA for Web Broswer)

Og Whatsapp Web

OG whatsapp is like the original whatsapp. But some of the features are added to it like you can enjoy many privacy settings, you can customize themes, and change font size and color. You can also change the style of the font. In the library of OG whatsapp, there are many styles such as Italian, alphabet styles, and many more. Og Whatsapp web is something different. It allows you to use your Whatsapp account on a PC or laptop.

Whatsapp is not made only for Phones. The developers have made it versatile by connecting it with laptops, computers, iPad, or Tablets. It is very easy to set up on a laptop or PC. And most interesting is that you will never need a phone after you have once logged in. It looks like a mirror of Whatsapp Mobile. There is no change in Whatsapp, this is the same as Whatsapp on the cell phone.

It is very easy to use on laptops or other such devices. But you can work on it no longer if your whatsapp number is off. You can log out simply and use another whatsapp. You also require an active internet connection for use. Once you log in to the laptop or PC, you can use it even if your phone is miles away from you, but you have to turn on your number.

How I Can Use Og Whatsapp Web

Og whatsapp is not so easy to download, and you may find problems in installing it. But for your ease, there are following steps and you will learn how to use og whatsapp web

  • Download Whatsapp Web on the PC or laptop.
  • Open the app on the PC. QR code will show on your screen. Read out the passage which is written along with the QR code.
  • Open your Whatsapp on the phone and go to the three dots option.
  • Click here and press on the QR scanner.
  • Show the code to the screen of mobile, it will connect automatically.
  • And now your phone Whatsapp is linked with PC.

Intro Of Og Whatsapp Web

Og whatsapp web scan apk was developed by a third party. Now you can enjoy whatsapp on your laptop or PC. This app has all the features that are present in og whatsapp. you can read the message, online status is shown or if you want to hide the online status or last seen, they will never appear. This whatsapp has 100 million-plus downloads.

You can archive, hide or even block any chat if you want. The common whatsapp has no such features. You can see the deleted messages of your friends or any other people if you want. Use the data cleaner to remove any junks or malicious files that will harm your phone. This app works more efficiently on laptops than on smartphones. As these devices are faster and more efficient.

ogwa web browser

Moreover, this app og whatsapp download uptodown has some extra features such as you can schedule messages, making your stickers, and blocking any contact. You can also off the read-recipient, hide blue ticks and double ticks. You can also customize themes, change the font size, and many more changes as you want. There are various call effects in the library. Also, apply flight mode and use the data without whatsapp notifications.

Main Features Of The Og Whatsapp Web

Management Tool

og whatsapp download allows you to manage the business and personal accounts on the devices. You can switch between these two accounts and their use is often different. One is for friends and family. The other is for business. If you ever wished of using many accounts on the same WhatsApp. Then this app can fulfill all your wishes. You don’t have to face any issues related to this.

Restore Deleted Messages

You can restore the deleted messages of your contacts. See what they have expressed about you. Some people have a habit that they delete messages instantly, knowing what was in the message. You can use og whatsapp download 2022 to recover all the messages. And they will never come to know that you have read all the messages. If you like the features and want to share the app, simply go to the share options.

Voice And Video Calls

Og whatsapp allows you to text messages, and make audio and video calls. This makes you more social and connected to your family and friends. Make HD quality calls to your contacts anywhere and anytime. You can also get business deals and make profits and sales with the help of og whatsapp pro v8.40 download. This web joined many businesses mans together, and they are growing their business successfully.


The app was banned in some countries due to unknown reasons. But now the ban is removed, and the users of og whatsapp pro can enjoy the secure and anti-ban app. After downloading the latest version of whatsapp web from this website, you can enjoy the fully-featured app without fear of getting banned. The developers have now fixed all the issues related to security and privacy.

Final Words

Og whatsapp was developed a few years ago. But, research has shown that this app is becoming more popular as time is going onward. This is not the original version of Whatsapp, but it has newly added features that make it wonderful.

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This app cannot be downloaded on the play store as some of the features are against their community standards. You can easily download the app from this website. Download the app og whatsapp update and get the latest version in which new features are added, keeping in view the comment section.


How to install the Og Whatsapp web on the laptops?

To install the og whatsapp web, visit this website. Download it easily and enjoy the app with the mod version.

Is it safe to download the og whatsapp web?

Yes, this is safe to download the og whatsapp web. You don’t need to worry about security issues.

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