OG Whatsapp Themes Best Collection Download (TOP 9)

Og Whatsapp Themes

After the release of Whatsapp, many third parties introduced the modded version of this app, and some additional features became part of these apps. Whatsapp does not offer a lot of features, rather many restrictions are present in the app, due to which people are moving towards the modded apps.

OG Whatsapp is also a modded version with many premium features such as a theme library, complete security, and many more. But most of the stunning parts are 1000+ beautiful themes. Therefore, Og Whatsapp themes were built primarily for themes only. By the way, you can also use them on your pc or laptop whatsapp via using the ogwa web browser option.

Themes will never let you get bored while using Whatsapp. The theme library presents a wide range of themes, ranging from simple to animated themes. Moreover, it has many categories such as natural, landscape, dark, and love themes, including heart shapes. Still, new themes are added at each update. So, stay with us and download your favorite themes. Also Check, GB WhatsApp themes in 2022.

Og Whatsapp Themes

Here are some themes which are described in detail. You can select the theme which fits your choice.

Ask Reality Gray 2

If you have ever tried Telegram, ask reality; gray 2 is like the home page of Telegram. It is the simple Grey and White combination which looks gorgeous when applied. It is the best option for those who love minimalistic designs for their Whatsapp. Not many complications; it is straightforward with a simple UI system. Og WhatsApp themes for android offer both simple and stylish themes, but all of them are elegant.

Ladies Wolf

As the name is written, Leiden Wolf has a Wolf-like appearance in the background. Along with the black and bluish colors, it looks elegant. Furthermore, there are changes in the font size and colors. In the Leiden wolf, black is used as a base color. Mobile phones with AMOLED displays look best with this theme. Wolf is animated in the middle of the screen, which makes it stylish and decent.

Ladies Fisherman Boat

The fisherman’s boat looks fantastic with the cool blue color. The blue color is very soothing for the eyes, so most people prefer it for use. The text color is black, and the boat and water background make a beautiful contrast of blue and black. It has a very cool effect on the mind. Moreover, the bluish color is most widely used in the ogwhatsapp WhatsApp themes compared to any other color due to its cool effects.

Ask Reality Reddark

Asl reality, red dark is the most appropriate theme for the nighttime due to its black background. All of the themes have material design and minimalistic options. It is a modern and sleek theme, including red color with black. The Red and black combination is classic and is used mainly by ios users. We recommend the best og WhatsApp themes download for you.

GueLittas Colors

If you want to get rid of a single color for a theme, Guelittas Colors is the best option for you to choose. It involves multiple colors which appear in the form of paint stains. But this theme does not give a minimalistic look to your Whatsapp.

It has many bright and vivid colors that make your experience suitable if you like bright colors. Whatsapp themes app is full of many beautiful themes; all of them cannot be described; however, some of the most famous are briefly described in this article.

Ask Reality Dragon

As the name is described in the theme’s title, a reality dragon has a dragon designed in the background. It is the most accent combination of dull golden and black color. Overall the theme is best and excellent also. Moreover, black fits best with the golden color. All the text and call options also come in a golden color.

Jay Ironman

The color scheme is black all around in this theme. Inside the theme, an ironman is designed with simple graphics. Only the skull portion is shown in the background giving a pirate look to the man. It does not involve any other color for the theme. Furthermore, it will show white color text.

Its Google

It is a beautiful theme that will convert your phone into an old video game. If you are an anorak, it can satisfy you. Whatsapp themes download apk comes up with fantastic features, but it has gained popularity due to its versatile themes. The latest version Helado theme is introduced in the app, giving the home screen an ice-cream shade.

Love Themes

If you love romantic themes and pictures, 3d WhatsApp themes have introduced new lovely themes. With different romantic pics and love stickers, the pieces become more attractive. Also, static and live wallpapers are easily downloaded and applied. Select the theme or wallpaper; it will take 5 or 10 MB to download, and you can instantly use it anytime.

OgWhatsapp Themes

Types Of Og Whatsapp Themes


Some of the themes are online and require an internet connection to download. So, you can download it only if you are connected to the internet. Moreover, you can check the new themes and the most famous ones. It doesn’t take a lot of MBs to save, so don’t worry. Every theme has its specific size. Some online themes are Golden Green Flow, Sponge Bob, and Red Machine.


When you install the Og Whatsapp, some of the themes are already present in the library. You can apply for them without any internet connection. Some font colors and different languages are built in for the app. Moreover, you can use simple themes for your android, which are also free.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you have read a short introduction to every theme. All of the hit themes are described only. So, which theme looks most attractive, tell us in the comment box. Secondly, you have a chance to contact us.

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If you face any problems in downloading and applying, leave a comment. Delta WhatsApp themes are also like the Og Whatsapp, but I prefer you to use Og Whatsapp themes as I have been using them for years.


How can I install Og Whatsapp Pro on my device?

To download Og Whatsapp on your device, kindly visit this website; you will find the latest version of Whatsapp.

Which Whatsapp is best for everyday use?

Although Whatsapp is very famous, it is undoubtedly very secure, but many renowned mods have been released, such as OG Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, YO Whatsapp, etc.


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