Og Whatsapp Old Version (Official All Version)

og whatsapp old version

Some people don’t use original Whatsapp because it confines the users. But people want to use a perfect casual app with many customizations in their hands. Og Whatsapp old version is the same as the Official Whatsapp with some added features. It is a mod version, so it is safe and reliable.

Although the latest VersionVersion has been released, most people are addicted to using the old VersionVersion. So, they still use the old version. You can use it as a primary or secondary account personally. It is installed easily on rooted or non-rooted devices.

WhatsApp download is not an official version. So, it is not found on Play Store. Third-party developers created it. No doubt Whatsapp official has billions of users, still increasing. But is safe and reliable, and no issues of malware are found still. One of the best platforms for instant messages and calls. Moreover, advanced privacy settings and unlimited themes.

Many mod versions are released, but some can lead to account banning, but using the og WhatsApp pro, you don’t have to face any issue like an account ban. I am personally using this app for the last three years as a primary account, and I have never met any problems due to this app.

FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are also mod versions, but OG WhatsApp is unique from them. No more hacking of data and banning issues. This VersionVersion keeps them safe.

og whatsapp old version

Overview Of OG Whatsapp Old Version

Og WhatsApp apkpure is mainly used for the extra features. You can get it all with a single click. Use two accounts at the same time and easily switch between any account. Control your privacy settings and make adjustments that you want.

Hide your online status, last seen, blue ticks, and message recipient. You can also hide the name of any chat and choose the disappearing message options, by which all the notes disappear automatically after a fixed interval.

In the Og WhatsApp new version, many improvements are made. All the crashes and bugs are fixed. Most importantly, you can block callers and see the deleted messages and status. So, check out what they have deleted.

You don’t need to save any number; directly call the unknown numbers when you want. Send up to 90 images simultaneously and select a group name of up to 35 characters. Lock your phone when you want to keep it private. Indeed, you will not find such unique features in the simple Whatsapp.

To preserve the original quality of an image, send unzipped photos. You can send large files up to 100 MB in any format such as PPT, LXX, and PDF. Moreover, you can send ebooks if you don’t want to download any images or files.

You can preview any file or image without installing it. WhatsApp download has a more straightforward interface but diverse types of settings that you can modify according to your need and choice. Check all the features carefully and apply what you want.

Top Features Of OG Whatsapp Old Version

Colorful Themes

Select from over 1000 themes in the library of og Whatsapp old version 8.40 download. All kinds of themes such as nature, art, architecture, landscape, and many others are added. you can apply many colorful themes can be used to the interface. While original Whatsapp has a limited number of themes to choose from, so you are bound to select one of them. Moreover, new emojis and stickers add beauty to this app.

Built-in Status Saver

After installing the og WhatsApp download 2022 new version, you will never need to download any status saver. You can save the status, image, or video directly when you view the group. But Whatsapp does not provide such options; you cannot even copy any image. So, enable this feature and save all the status in the gallery. Furthermore, the status limit is increased up to 250 words. Caption characters are exceeded.

Speak Of Customization

Or Whatsapp old version download comes up with many customization options. Go to the settings and customize all the Whatsapp. You can hide the forward options, use dual accounts, limit who can call you, enable Whatsapp locker, pre-built messages, and many languages to select. It is a speak of customization that it offers. Moreover, you can check the privacy settings and change them of your will.


This app is 100% safe. No fear of getting banned; you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is not present on the play store, so most people think it is like the other insecure app in which their data is sealed or hacked. WhatsApp blocks all the accounts that don’t follow its standards. Og WhatsApp pro old version also has some rules, but it never banns your account. We can freely use it in all the countries.

Regular Updates

The update is the necessary part of all the apps. Almost all the apps update regularly or after a few days. Og WhatsApp download uptodown also updates regularly. These updates may be new features, removing any types of bugs and solving the significant problems described in the comment box. After the latest update, the app becomes more excited.

og whatsapp old version


People are moving towards using modified apps and games as these apps offer more features to them. OG Whatsapp is also a modified app that allows free use of all the premium features. I hope you have read about the og WhatsApp ios and would be excited to download it.

It has all the features that you want for a casual app. Send high-quality pictures, use dual accounts, share media in no time, and many more features are waiting for you to use. I suggest you use OG Whatsapp as a secondary account. You can use original Whatsapp for business, but this is the best choice for casual purposes. Moreover, you should not overuse any features. Also Checked: Yo Whatsapp Mini


What are the features of OG WhatsApp?

Limit the callers, select only a few people for calls you want, anti-ban, and no-ads. These are all the premium features of og Whatsapp old version download that you can enjoy.

What does OG WhatsApp mean?

The word OG in Whatsapp stands for Original Gangster. OG WhatsApp is a standard messaging and calling app.

How to download OG WhatsApp download?

To download OG Whatsapp, visit this website. However, if you find any problems, contact us.

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