Instagram Story Saver (Download Favorite Instagram Stories)

Instagram story saver

It is bad as the Instagram stories vanish after one day. If these stories are not saved, no one can open them again. At the same time, Instagram story saver is a perfect way to save such stories onto your devices. The benefit of this saver is that it saves all types of stories so that no one can miss their favorite items. Moreover, the tips given here will assure a quick saving process for you. About 500M+ people use Instagram stories, and they want to attain some new trends:

Some Methods For Saving The Instagram Stories:

Save Stories In A Web-Based App:

EmbedStories is a tool that ensures the presence of stories every time. With this tool, you don’t have to download the stories manually as their downloading occurs automatically:

How To Use EmbedStories

  • Ensure the creation of an account for the EmbedStories.
  • Connecting with a Facebook account is essential.
  • In the third step, you have to get permission from the system.
  • Achieve the stories just with the “Select Source” option.
  • After this, the “My Stories” section will highlight stories to you.

Through this tool, whatever you have posted in the story section will be caught because of syncing. For the management of Instagram accounts, EmbedStories is perfect. Moreover, you can form a series of photo stories and video stories widgets. At the same time, you can also grow your marketing on Instagram.

Instagram story saver app

Advantages Of EmbedStories

  • It is perfect for displaying stories.
  • It manages perfectly the IG stories.
  • All the Stories, Videos, and Photos are saved in seconds.
  • It forms a separate gallery where the stories of all Instagrams accounts are present.
  • Moreover, it born the web widgets and secure the stories by their specific codes.

Use The Instagram To Archive Stories:

Instagram’s settings give the “Archive Stories” option to its users. This option avoids manual downloading and uses the automatic downloading feature:

How To Activate Archive Stories Option

  • First of all, open the settings icon of your Instagram account.
  • Click on the given option on the screen: “Archive.”
  • Then enter the Saving section to enable the “Save Story To Archive” option.
  • After it, the Archive section will carry all of your Instagram posts. While these stories can also be transferred to the mobile gallery.

How To Watch Saved Stories

  • The first step is the opening of Instagram settings.
  • Make sure to tap on the “Archive” option.
  • After some time, the popping up of the Archive screen will start.
  • It highlights the stories in date order. So finding the old posted stories is hard.
  • Remember that your posted stories have been stored for a long duration so that you can express yourself in front of your coming children. While the “Archive” option permits you to repost such stories.

Downloading Of Instagram’s Stories On iPhone

If you want to save your stories without the camera roll, then just use the given points:

  • First, overview your active story.
  • Note that every story includes a three-dot icon which helps in their saving.
  • Choose the number of stories for saving.
  • Some people like saving stories one by one; they should use the “Save Story” option individually.
  • In my view, it is not a complex method, but your proper attention must be towards downloading, as automatic downloading will not occur here.

Save Stories As Highlights

With the upgraded Instagram version, users can save small clips of their favorite stories in the Highlights section whose work is similar to the Pinterest boards:

How To Use Highlights For Archived Stories

  • First of all, scroll down and reach the profile details.
  • Choose the Highlights Stories Icon as soon as possible.
  • Select some stories you want to put into the highlights section and use the Next tab.
  • While you can edit the highlights section for more stories.

How To Save Instagram Stories In Highlights Section

  • Tap on the Saved Stories option through the active story tab.
  • Story screens contain a highlight option whose clicking is compulsory to you.
  • Select the “Add New” option.
  • Thus now you are capable of watching the stories in Highlights Section.

Advantages Of Highlights Option

  • It tells about the users’ testimonials.
  • Users reach their old stories in seconds.
  • It also highlights the superb collections to you.

Enjoy Sharing Of Stories:

This option guarantees that you are capable of sharing IG stories. But you have to read these steps for perfect knowledge:

  • Watch your story; I mean, observe the story quality.
  • Please look at the story’s bottom to save them with some clicks.
  • The screen will provide you with an option of “Share As Post.” Your stories will be shared as general posts on Facebook and Tiktok.
  • Thus now your Instagram account feed will highlight your stories and videos. Moreover, you can also observe them in the other’s accounts feed.


Q: What is a story saver app?

Story Saving is an app that saves all of your old memories (Stories) through its browsers.

Q: How does story saver work on Instagram?

Story saver works smoothly on Instagram as the users choose the videos and save them just with the save button.

Q: Does the story saver app for Instagram notify?

Some story saver notifies for Instagram, but third-party applications avoid notifications for Instagram.

Q: Is a story saver safe to use?

Yes, saving stories by the story saver is 100% safe.

Q: Is Instagram story saver anonymous?

Yes, the Instagram story saver is anonymous as the people get their old stories in no time.

Final Verdicts

Instagram story saver is perfect for making the strong pillars of the business. It has an application in the internal research forms. Through this tool, all of your followers will be your true fans. Thus make sure to build the chatbot so that all the troubles of business will remove. Moreover, you can use this tool in the preparation of projects. I assure you that the tool will not bore you anytime. The superb method for story saving uses the “Archive Stories Option.” At the same time, you can also save your stories in the highlights section of Instagram.

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