How WhatsApp Broadcast Works (Few Important Factors)

How WhatsApp Broadcast Works

A few years ago, most businessmen used email for sending or receiving messages and documents. Undoubtedly email is the best source of messaging and communication. But as the technology gets advanced, various new messaging apps are released on the google play store.

Similarly, nowadays, Whatsapp Business is the most advanced and convenient source of messaging and communication. Thousands of important features are available on this app. Unluckily, most people are unfamiliar with these useful features.

Watsapp is also the best platform for business purposes. You can create WhatsApp groups, send and receive text messages, make audio and video calls with friends, and many more. Moreover, your messages and data are hundred percent encrypted with bank-level security. No third party can access your personal chats and data.

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Moreover, Watsapp business is a perfect tool for businessmen, all the business data will be encrypted safely. Thus, don’t worry about this matter. However, most people don’t know How WhatsApp Broadcast Works. So let’s discuss this feature.

How WhatsApp Broadcast Works guide

Difference Between WhatsApp Broadcast Messages & Whatsapp Group?

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

Firstly, Let us discuss what actually the WhatsApp broadcast message is.

  • WhatsApp broadcast message is a bit similar to WhatsApp group message. As we know that WhatsApp groups are a two-way communication source in which both recipients can send or receive messages.
  • On the other hand, Whatsapp broadcast messages is a single-way communication platform in which only one person can send a message to many people.
  • A broadcast message can be sent to participants in private or personal chat. Thus they cant differentiate whether the message is typed personally or sent through a broadcast.
  • You can add up to 256 participants in a single broadcast. Additionally, the participants can’t get any information about their colleagues. In short, they are invisible.
  • Whenever the recipient will reply to your broadcasted message, it will appear in your personal chat box.

Whatsapp Group

  • Whatsapp group is the messaging platform in which 256 participants can send or receive messages simultaneously on one platform
  • The contact numbers and username of every group participant is visible to everyone. Meanwhile, it is not necessary to save the contact number of every group participant
  • However, the group admin can be called a group owner. He possesses some exclusive powers. For instance, the admin can add or remove any participant. He has the ability to change group privacy, group description, group setting, and many more
  • All the chats, pictures, videos, and documents are visible to everyone in the common chat. Moreover, you can react and reply freely
  • You can add a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp. Similarly, he can send or receive all messages in the WhatsApp group
  • Moreover, all the data and personal information is encrypted smartly. It doesn’t matter whether you are sending messages in a broadcast list or a WhatsApp group

How Can I Make A Whatsapp Broadcast?

After clearing the verification process on WhatsApp, you can transfer your phone contacts into WhatsApp. Moreover, please follow the simple steps to make a WhatsApp broadcast.

  • First of all, you have to open the WhatsApp application. A chat interface will appear on your mobile screen
  • Now, press the three dots available in the top right corner. Here you will find a list of many several setting options
  • Scroll down the list until you find a new broadcast option
  • Now, tap on your desired contacts and add them to the WhatsApp broadcast list. Don’t forget that there is a space for only 256 participants
  • After choosing the participants, confirm your contacts and pass from the check mark option
  • Now type a text message or select the information you want to share with participants. And share it within the WhatsApp broadcast
  • Your text message will be shared with all members within a few seconds in the private chat simultaneously
  • Moreover, you can also customize your WhatsApp broadcast list without any hassle. So feel free to add or remove participants anytime

Some Important Facts

  • In other messaging apps, you can delete your message at any time. So you have to be careful about sharing documents, photos, videos, and voice notes. Once the messages are delivered, these messages can not be deleted
  • Always make sure the receiver has saved your contact number in the phone’s address book. Otherwise, your message can not be delivered to your recipients.
  • A loudspeaker icon is visible on every broadcasted message. This is the only way by which a recipient can identify a broadcasted message.
  • Whenever someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to send a broadcast message forever.
  • No one can leave the WhatsApp broadcast list. Because the WhatsApp broadcast list is created by you. However, if someone doesn’t want to receive messages from the broadcast, he can delete your contact number from the phone’s address book.

Final Words

Whatsapp broadcast is the latest updated feature in WhatsApp. Moreover, this feature is liked by billions of WhatsApp users worldwide. Meanwhile, if you are a businessman or a manager of an organization, then WhatsApp broadcast is the perfect source of communication for you.

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In this way, all the information will be shared with 256 members instantly. No more need to search for a contact number and type a message separately. Just add the contacts to your broadcast list and quickly send messages.


Can somebody see my broadcast list?

Not at all, No one can see your broadcast list.

What is the contact limit in the WhatsApp broadcast list?

Only 256 members can be added to the WhatsApp broadcast list.

How many broadcast lists can I create?

You can create an unlimited broadcast list on a WhatsApp account.

Can I send a broadcast message to an unsaved contact?

it is not possible to send a broadcast message to an unsaved contact.

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