How To Unhide Chat In GB Whatsapp (3 Tips For You)

How To Unhide Chat In Gb Whatsapp

No doubt Whatsapp offers many amazing features to worldwide users. However, people want extra features such as viewing deleted messages, statuses, and hiding chats. Many developers have worked on it and released apps like FM Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Aero Whatsapp, and Yo Whatsapp. Among all these apps, GB Whatsapp is the most widely used application.

To make our conversations secure, we often hide the chats and files. But the question arises “How to unhide these chats?” Some of the users get confused about unhiding the chats. If you are facing such problems, I have a solution for you. The whole article is about your problem, so continue reading. I will describe everything step-by-step, don’t skip any line.

Maybe you think that unhiding any chat is tough or you have to follow the long procedures, but that’s not real. I will tell you tips & tricks for showing any chat on the mobile screen.

  • Open the GB Whatsapp on your mobile phone
  • Press long at the contacts that you want to unhide
  • Tap on the 3 dots in the right corner of the interface
  • Click on the “Unhide” option from the menu and open the option
  • If you have locked the chats, please put in the security code
  • The selected chats will appear on your home screen

How To View a Chat On Whatsapp?

If you want to unhide the chats in official Whatsapp, you should follow this straightforward process which is the same for both android and iPhones.
Open up Whatsapp, go to the chats option, and scroll until you find an “Archive” section.

Unhide Chat In Gb Whatsapp

Tap on the Edit button on the right corner and choose all the chats that you want to show or unarchive.

Click the “Unarchive” button and go back to the main menu. Your hidden chats will appear on the home screen.

How To Unhide Groups in GB Whatsapp?

Besides unhiding chats in GB Whatsapp, you can also unhide groups. The process is slightly different from unhiding chats. Let’s check how to unhide groups in GB Whatsapp.

  • Press long; at least for 30 seconds to select the group you want to unhide from GB Whatsapp
  • An eye icon will appear in the right corner(upper side)
  • Click the eye option and enter the password ( if you have set any password)
  • Your hidden groups will appear at the top of the chats
  • Now, you can visit the groups at any time without going to the hidden menu
  • Still, if you face any difficulty please tell us in the comment box

How Do I Restore Chats in GB Whatsapp?

If you have uninstalled Whatsapp by mistake, the data or chats may be wiped or deleted permanently. If you don’t want to lose your data then follow this guide.
Reinstall Whatsapp on your device and verify the phone number with the verification code. It will ask you for “RESTORE DATA”

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Now tap on this restore option to restore chats and other media from Google drive. It will take some time to back up your data and files. Tap “NEXT” and continue with the same Whatsapp as you have before.

How To Hide Chats without archiving in GB Whatsapp?

With GB Whatsapp, you can hide chats or any contact without archiving them. For Android devices, open GB Whatsapp and selects the chat you want to hide. Long press the chat and go to the “More Details” option. Select the “Hide” option and add the selected chats in this hidden button. In the original Whatsapp, you will select the Archive button to hide any chat.

But GB Whatsapp overweighs the original version due to many advanced features. You can see deleted messages, and statuses and lock the app with a PIN code. Moreover, it is a free app not present on Google Play Store.

The Last Conclusion

In this article, I have described how to unhide chat in gb Whatsapp. If you want to hide/unhide the chats, this guide is helpful for you. Additionally, you can go to a secret chat with the above methods.

No one can see or track your Whatsapp media or chats. You can also save and transfer data from one device to another device. Make sure that you are applying the same steps as given in the guide.


Can I permanently hide the chats in GB Whatsapp?

Yes, you can hide the chats until you want either for a few days or for a lifetime.

Is it possible to see the hidden status of Whatsapp?

In the standard version of Whatsapp, you cannot see the hidden status of any contact. Hence the answer is “No” for common Whatsapp users. In the advanced MODs of Whatsapp, like FM Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp, you can view any hidden status

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