How To Integrate WhatsApp In Website (Step By Step Guide)

How To Integrate WhatsApp In Website

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp also becomes an integral part of our business. About two billion active users are dealing through WhatsApp daily. Meanwhile, this ratio is increasing day by day. You can deal with many customers without wasting time.

However, email and messenger are also the best source of communication for business purposes. But it may take a longer time to respond. That’s why most people prefer to use WhatsApp instead of email or messenger.

In this modern and digital world, every company is connecting its employees and customers through WhatsApp. That’s why a single piece of information is shared with thousands of people within a few seconds.

Moreover, if you are a businessman, then WhatsApp is the most convenient and fastest source to deal with your customers. Undoubtedly, it saves your precious time and increases your business experience. Furthermore, another best strategy to deal with your customers is to connect your WhatsApp account with a desired website and company.

Why Should I Connect A Whatsapp Account With A Website

There are many reasons to connect your WhatsApp account with a website. Let’s discuss all these facts below here:

Get Connected With Visitors

Usually, a website visitor leaves the live chat whenever his desired task gets completed. Once the live chat gets finished, you will not be able to contact the website visitor again.

Meanwhile, according to the current situation, every user wants to leave the website quickly. So you must be quick in live chat and respond to every user instantly. On the other hand, when you connect WhatsApp with your website, the visitor will contact you personally instead of live chat. In this way, the user can get more experience within no time.

Give A Personal Touch

Most website visitors feel uncomfortable in the live chat. Because they have to wait for their turn and respond. Meanwhile, this method becomes similar to email response. So it causes anxiety and less attractiveness. Oppositely, when a website visitor connects with you personally through WhatsApp, you can give more attention and respond superbly.

Moreover, feel free to reply fastly and strengthen your relationship with long conversations daily. It is the right way to share your business experience and other necessary details.

How To Advertise Whatsapp Chat Option On A Website

There are three popular ways by which you can easily advertise the WhatsApp chat option on your website. In this way, the users and visitors can get information about WhatsApp facilities. So let us put a look at these three options.

How To Integrate WhatsApp In Website

QR Code

Everyone knows you have to save the phone number of the person who wants to start a WhatsApp conversation. But this process takes a lot of time especially when you connect WhatsApp with businesses. There are the following steps to start a WhatsApp conversation with a new person.

  • First of all, save the phone number to your phonebook address
  • Now, put the name of the desired person, company, and address.
  • In the next step, the visitor can start a conversation with you

Although this process didn’t take many hours. But it makes the user tired and bored.
That’s why a QR code & scan option is mentioned on many websites. The website owner has to create a QR code and publish it on his website. Furthermore, this is the best way to start a conversation on Whatsapp without hassle.

Tap To Chat Option

In this method, a direct URL link is given to a website. Simply click on this URL link, and you start chatting automatically. With the help of this cool feature, there is no need to save the contact number.

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Meanwhile, it looks a bit difficult to share the URL link on the official website. Once it gets adjusted, the customers will feel easy to contact you. Moreover, there are many ways to put your link on the website. It could be your contact number or username.

Multiple Widgets

Undoubtedly, the two methods described above are comfortable. But the most advanced and latest method is to use the widget on your website. Actually, it looks like the WhatsApp icon, is placed on the lower right side.

When the customer presses this widget, he will be directed towards WhatsApp chat simultaneously. No extra skill or experience is required to deal with this option. Everything is just a click away from you.

Enjoy Different Advantages

Receive Instant Replies

When a new customer arrives at your website, he wants to get complete knowledge about rules, working days, return policy, offers, delivery and payment methods, and many more. So the customer contacts personally with dealers or sellers through WhatsApp to get complete information.

Meanwhile, you have to answer all these questions instantly. That’s why the dealer can create instant replies, A.K.A, templated messages, and many more. Don’t worry, these messages will work automatically.

Fixed Auto-replies

Eight different auto-replies are designed by the developer. When a customer will text you a message, these auto-replies will be sent to the customer automatically. These messages can also be called welcome messages.

These instant replies will give an attractive and stunning sense to the customers. On the other hand, at a higher level, the user can create a chatbot. This chatbot will simultaneously reply to the customers.


How can I put a WhatsApp link on a website?

You can put your phone number in international format as a link.

Does business WhatsApp support HTML?

Sure, business WhatsApp supports HTML websites.

How many templated messages are available?

There are a total of 15 templated messages.

Wrapping Up

If you want to deal with website visitors instantly, I will recommend you integrate WhatsApp on a website. Furthermore, this is the best way to enhance your commercial and business experience. In addition, the user can also enjoy 14 days of a free trial. In this way, he can get an idea about the services. I hope you will love these features.

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