How To Enable Gb Instagram Dark Mode (Feel Awesome To Use)

how to enable gb instagram dark mode

Various social media apps have a “Dark Mode” option for making their background black. Hopefully, you have used the dark mode option of Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok etc. But a few people know about the dark mode option of Instagram. So today our target is to learn how to enable gb instagram dark mode so that everyone will be aware of it. The dark mode option not only protects the battery of our devices but also secures our eyes from the dangerous cosmic rays. So this blog is guaranteeing modern technology and long-lasting life. Thus follow the key methods from here and make your lives enjoyable.

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Some Methods Of How To Turn On Dark Mode On Instagram Android:

“Night Mode” or “Dark Mode” option is given by the developer and you can find it in Instagram’s latest version. This option is safe and works automatically. But you have to enter into the phone settings. Then make sure to click five times on the build number. The dark mode option is present in the settings. When you click on it, it will be enabled and will make your Instagram background dark:

Instagram dark theme

Install Instagram’s Beta Version

Recently, the dark mode option for Android devices has been added by Google Chrome. The dark mode option of official Instagram does not make the background full dark because of its grayscale theme. While you can see the dark colour on the AMOLED screen. Google Chrome is further trying to discover the dark mode options for Samsung One UI and Xiaomi’s MIUI. While some Android users are still using the dark theme option on their Instagrams.

Latest Instagram’s Beta version contains a dark theme option. So open it and use it in place of an official Instagram. But for this, you have to replace the latest app with the old one. The stable method for downloading the Beta version of Instagram is to join the beta program. Note that Instagram still does not have an option for turning it On/Off. That means its enabling happens automatically and we have to “On” the built-in dark mode.

Samsung Browser

You can also know how to enable gb instagram dark mode by the Samsung browser. But you must have a Samsung smartphone. If you don’t have a Samsung device, then use your normal device and join the installation of the Samsung browser. The safe platform for downloading and installing is the play store, so properly use it. Remember that the Samsung Browser already contain a night mode feature. So adding any extension into it is useless. Thus also learn how to turn dark mode on instagram iphone through it.

Generally, the night mode feature is created for other platforms. It means none has created Instagram’s dark mode option. But Instagram is compatible with this option and shows smooth functions. The dark mode activates with a single click. But in the browser, you have to perform the following tasks. First of all, click on the “Samsung Internet Browser” to open it. After it, you will see the three dots option on the screen. Now you have to click on the “Turn On Night Mode” option. Then Repeat this work and “Login In” the Instagram. Thus you have achieved the dark mode option on Instagram.

Lets Download GB Instagram

GB Instagram is not a simple version because of its modded features. It not only permits us to zoom the pictures and videos but also ensures their downloading. Despite it, I suggest you use fake accounts because your official account can be banned. So avoid using the main account and follow the given guidelines. First of all, download the GB Instagram from here. The next step is to click on the “Profile Icon” and the “Setting Icon” options. Now click on the option of “Themes Downloading” and choose a theme as a list is given. After it, a popup will be on the screen and you have to click the “OK” button.

Substratum Theme Engine

Indeed, Instagram itself does not contain the dark mode option. So the Instagram dark mode option can be used by the “Substratum Theme Engine” app. Also, you can get a lot of themes from it. The themes which I have applied on my Instagram are “pitch black and switch black”. Both these themes have made my Instagram background black. Note that the Substratum Theme Engine can not be used without the root. But if your device doesn’t support rooting then you should use the “Andromeda” which will give you instructions about instagram dark mode off. For more information check this video below here.


Q: Do most Instagram users use light or dark mode?

Most Instagram users prefer the dark mode as it protects their eyes. While the light mode causes eye irritation and other diseases.

Q: Is Dark Reader Safe?

Yes, the Dark Reader is safe and gives the notification quickly.

Q: How to enable gb instagram dark mode?

The enabling of dark mode in Gb Instagram is simple and we have described everything about it.


So it was the article about how to enable gb instagram dark mode. Hopefully, these methods will have been entered into your mind. But if you dont understand any of them, then comment to us. For using the Dark mode, you have to open the mobile settings. After it, click on the “Display” option. Now, enable the option of “Dark Theme”. So when you use Instagram, Dark mode will be already there. The Samsung Browser offers Instagram’s web version. While the Substratum gives only the dark mode, not the other functions. Moreover, the downloading of GB Instagram means no need to root the device.

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