Gbwhatsapp3 Apk 2022 Latest Version (Updated)

Hey, are you bored from the first version of gb whatsapp? Then don’t worry today we are granting you gbwhatsapp3 apk latest version. There are alot of gb whatsapp versions but the top and latest is this. So why are we here today with this version?

Gb whatsapp 3 is the same as the production of third party developers. So why it is today famous due to a lot of extra features and perks. As the local developers give regular updates of gb whatsapp versions and the last updated version of gb whatsapp is gbwhatsapp 3 app.

Storyline Of GBwhatsapp3

The basic storyline of this version is very simple and normal. As we know the developers of any app always tried to update the versions of their applications to fix the bugs and problems. And to give extra features and new experiences to users.

So in this way before 2-3 days gb wahtsapp 3.1 version is made by top software developers. They tried their best to make gb whatsapp more powerful and amazing. We have also checked it fully and it is absolutely amazing rather than the first version.

gb whatsapp 3 plus

It is full of new features and amazing technologies that you have not seen yet in any other communication app. The good thing is that it is also made for the iphone. So in this way we can also say this gbwhatsapp3 for iphone/ios. Here below both apps are present. You can download one of them according to your needs

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GB Whatsapp 3

Additional Information

Updated3 Days Ago
Size 45 MB
DeveloperAPK Classy

Info About Features

The reality is that there are not too many new features added in this whatsapp 3. Because a lot of options are already in it. While some features are upgraded in it which are mentioned below here.

Image Quality Is Improved

The first change in features is that the image quality is much improved from the past in this gb whatsapp 3d apk. Now you can send any image without the fear of resolution. In past versions after sending or receiving some images the quality becomes low.

gb whatsapp new emojis

But now in this third version of gb whatsapp this problem is fixed permanently. So now you can send high quality images and the receiver will receive it in no time if he has a stable internet connection.

Improvements In Status Text Length

Another good thing for gb whatsapp users is that now in whatsapp plus 3 the status text limit is also increased. In the original version it allowed you to write about 200 characters but now it is available to write more than 500 characters. So tell me is it not interesting?

Use Two Accounts On Same Device

The other top feature of gb whatsapp plus 3 v6.70 is that you can now use two accounts on the same device by dual gbwhatsapp3 apk 2021 latest version. While the original gb version just allowed you to use only one contact, today it is offering you to use 2 accounts on the same device with all gb whatsapp features. So what are you waiting for? Download it now.

Easy Backup

So if you are using an old version of gb whatsapp and want to download this gb whatsapp 3 then there is no need to worry. Because there is a smart option in this third version to restore all your data from gb whatsapp into this phone. You just have to put your data ON while restoring your backup. Then after completing its time to chill new whatsapp gb 3.

gb whatsapp easy and full backup

How To Download It

The gb whatsapp 3 apk download process is very simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps to download it into your phone.

  • Click on the download button.
  • Google may require some permissions. Then choose “download anyway” option
  • Your downloading will start automatically. Or you may also check this article for downloading and installing.

How To Install It

Follow these steps to install this 3rd version gb whatsapp into your mobile phone.

  • Go to the downloads folder.
  • Select the apk file of gbwhatsapp 3.
  • Choose the install option after opening it. Then installing will start.
  • And now enjoy your whatsapp latest updated version with extra perks and features.


We will not force you to download this gbwhatsapp3 into your mobile phone if you are already using gb whatsapp apk latest version. Meanwhile if you want to increase the features of whatsapp into your mobile phone then you should need to download this.

Important FAQs

What is the difference between GB Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp3?

There is no much difference between these two versions. But a little bit difference is present in these. In gbwhatsapp you can just enjoy those features which were imbedded in it at its releasing time. Otherwise in gb whatsapp 3 you can enjoy all those features and some new extra features. Its depends on you what you choose!

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