GB Whatsapp Review 2022 (Advantages Vs Disadvantages)

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Everyone read the review of the application before using it, cause they wanna complete an overview of that app. So, are you looking gb whatsapp review with complete details like what is the advantages and disadvantages? Then stay with us.

We all know that every app has its own pros and cons with the passage of time. Absolutely, whatsapp is one of the most trending and famous applications in the world. As a matter of fact, Billions of people are using it, so developers try to simplify the app for everyone.

What is GB Whatsapp Review

As we already mention that this application is a modified form of the original whatsapp social app. By the way, we have discussed the classics & advanced features of gb whatsapp in detail. You can read this article to know about the complete information about it.

GB Whatsapp Review

What is the Difference Between Advantages & Disadvantages GBWhatsApp

There are many features that differentiate the whatsapp gb through its benefits and drawbacks. But, the number of uses of this application has been greater than the disadvantages. Well, we will explain it with reasonable descriptions, so stay tuned.

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Advantages Vs Disadvantages

You know the main part whatsapp reviews security for the users is very important, cause when we used a mod file that will not original file. Most of the developers made it with the help of various kinds of tools, no doubt it will be a safe file, use it without any confusion.

Advantages Vs Disadvantages

Below here is the list of uses and disuses of the gb whatsapp application that will help you to understand the concept of how much it will be beneficial or not & why we should use gb whatsapp, Let’s Start ..??


  • Hide function is on of the most interesting thing; you can hide your online status from anyone. We mean you are actucally online, but in the other end you are offline in the eyes of others. 2nd you can also allow the few closely firends you to see your online status as well.
  • Also, you can freez your last seen time such as someone active from last 10 minutes ago or 1 hour ago.
  • You know very well, from the orgional whatsapp, you can send only 16 MB video, but from the GB App, you transfer the 50 MB plus data.
  • Yes, you can send 90+ images from the single click at the same time, but in orgional case, send only 10 images to anyone
  • We observe that, we can only send 16 MB audio files from the orgional application, but we delivered more than 100 MB from the gb whats app like voice recording, or any audio file
  • Another amazing Uses that is Notify you by applying filter when somone online, then notice you immediatly
  • One of the most important thing that when someone messege you and you see his/her message actually, but not seen fom his end.


  • No official website, so its the modifies file in.apk formate that you can use in your device. It means few devices are not supported this file.
  • Not verified from the Google play store, so you can used it up to you?
  • May be in few cases, the hidden malware virus dectected in device via using the crack file of gb-whatsapp
  • In very few cases, may be your messeges are not safe and someone read your messages that you send to your love?, so be care

Final Verdicts

We are hoping that this post gb whatsapp review will be very informative and interesting for all of you. Because we cover everything about the pros and cons of the gb whatsapp apk. Still have you any issues or confusion then ask us, and our team will respond to you quickly. Must Read How WA Broadcast Works

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