GB Whatsapp Pro Apk 2022 Latest Version (Extra Features)

gb whatsapp pro apk

In this latest era of the internet, 80% of users are not aware of gb whatsapp while the major and popular developers have created gb whatsapp pro apk. If you are a gb whatsapp user then you will automatically get an idea about this apk.

On the other hand, if you are not a user then we will suggest you read a short detail about gb whatsapp apk before reading and downloading gb pro whatsapp. Gb whatsapp pro version is basically a modified app than the original GBWA which is a third-party app. If you are willing to know about original gb whatsapp honest review then check GB Whatsapp Review.

If you are a gb whatsapp lover then gb whatsapp pro is just made for you. Now it’s time to convert from the old version to the modified version of whatsapp. So let’s move down to get more ideas about this gbwhatsapp pro apk which will help you to make the right decision.

What Is GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

Like the original GBWA apk it is also a production of local developers in more perfect shape. It has all the features as the original gb whatsapp 2021 while it has also a lot of other features which are more than the original gb whatsapp.

In short, it seems like you are using gb whatsapp 2022 version. So it is not a bad thing that you are enjoying the app of 2022 in 2021. It has a huge range of features that are not present in any other WA.

 gb whatsapp pro apk download 2022 apkpure

There is also good news that the master developers of the world are also trying to launch gb whatsapp apk 2022 and gb whatsapp pro apk 2022 which will vanish all other chatting applications from the earth.

This was a short description of the gb whatsapp. Now it’s time to know all the features of this pro apk which will automatically force you to download gb whatsapp pro right now. So let’s move down to get an idea about these interesting features.

GB Whatsapp Pro
App NameGB Whatsapp Pro
Size46 MB
Latest Update1 day ago

Key Features Of GBWhatsapp Pro Apk

Easy Backup

The first and main feature of this pro apk is that you can easily get your back up when you will install this apk on a new device. While on the other hand the original version of whatsapp and gb whatsapp cant offer this feature. If they offer but they can’t back up our data A-Z.

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Special Dark Mode

After getting popularity by gb whatsapp pro 2020 developers have made a dark mode in 2021 version of pro gbwhatsapp. If you cant want to affect your eyes then this feature will be proved best for you from all other whatsapp versions. At night time you can easily go to the dark mode of gb whatsapp 2021 pro.

Auto Reply

Pro gp whatsapp pack has outclassed feature of auto-reply. This will help you a lot when you are busy with your daily routine work or in special meetings. And the perfect thing is that all the auto-reply messages will be filtered messages so there is no controversy about this.

Freeze Last Seen

In this gb pro whatsapp you can freeze your last seen by which no one will know the exact time of your last seen. Everyone will think that it is his last seen but it was not originally your last seen.

Quick Status Downloader

With this pro app, you can easily download the status which you like most. Another interesting feature is that you can also download the deleted status of your contacts. And surely we can say that you will not find features like this in any chatting app.

GB Whatsapp Pro Web

You can also use gb whatsapp pro on your web easily. For this purpose you just have to scan the code of gb whatsapp on your computer by your mobile then gb whatsapp pro will automatically work on your web smoothly.

All In Your Hand

All in your hand means if you want to keep your chat personal and more personal then you can put fingerprint and pattern lock on the entry of your gb whatsapp. By this feature, no one will go through to your chat even if he knows the password of your phone.

 gb whatsapp pro apk v.019

Best Privacy Features

It is also giving us a lot of privacy features. You can hide blue ticks. You can hide double ticks. There is also an option to change the icon of the app for more privacy. You can even stop showing the typing and recording options.

All these features were features that you will not see in the original apk of gb whatsapp. Although gb whatsapp pro has these features and all those features of original gb whatsapp in it.

How To Download

Gb whatsapp pro download process is much easy and simple. You just need to follow these simple steps to get this app on your mobile.

  • On this page, you will find a download button.
  • Just click on it. Your downloading will start automatically.
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How To Install It

Installation of any apk is a little bit harder than downloading. But it is not rocket science. If you are a mobile user then follow these simple steps.

  • After downloading completion go to the downloads folder.
  • Click on the app and then choose the install button.
  • It may require some permissions then allow all these permissions.
  • After it your installation will start. Then wait for completion and then enjoy it.

Final Verdicts

As the technology era is getting more advanced all the people are trying to advance their life even if it is mobile life or practical life. We all know most people are using gb whatsapp instead of original whatsapp.

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And now to get more advanced they are converting to gb whatsapp pro latest version. Because they all know that it is the future of conversations. If you are also among them and want to adopt the latest chatting app then don’t wait and download it now.

Important FAQs

How can I update gb whatsapp pro?

When it requires any update then just visit and search gb whatsapp pro. You will find the latest version there.

Is it safe like the original whatsapp?

Yes, it is more secure and private than the original versions of whatsapp and gbwhatsapp. So it is safer than all other chatting apps.

Is there any chance to ban the phone number?

No, it is 100% pure and clean apk like the original whatsapp. So there is no chance to ban the phone number while using this app.

Can I migrate all my previous whatsapp data on this app?

There is an option to copy your data in this gb whatsapp pro apk. Select it. It will automatically backup your previous whatsapp data 100% in this app.

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