GB Whatsapp Old Version APKs (Download All Versions)

gb whatsapp old version

Most of us demand a new version of gbwhatsapp. But a lot of gb whatsapp lovers are also attached with gb whatsapp old version. So today we are introducing about 20 old versions of gb whatsapp. If you are gb whatsapp lover from its start then you can select anyone from them according to your need.

As we know that the latest version of gb whatsapp comes with new features and removes old features in it. But most gbwhatsapp old version lovers get attached with those features and don’t want to leave them. For all of those today our team has decided to give you all superb old versions of whatsapp.
Most of you will thinking about that why we are providing old gb whatsapp version whether most people want to use the latest gb whatsapp. The question of this answer is that when we use an app or game we get affectionate with that. After spending a lot of time we became masters of it.

But when a new update file is released with new features then it requires a lot of time to recognize it perfectly. Most people have no time to spend on new features. They just want to work fastly with old features because they feel ease while using old features after spending a lot of time on that.

So in the solution of this problem today we are granting you GB WhatsApp APK Old APK. You can download all these old versions in apk files. And you can install any of them according to your need. So be ready to download gb whatsapp apk old version to enjoy your own previous features. Rather if you are looking for latest and original gb whatsapp apk then go to this page.

GB Whatsapp Old Versions

Top GB WhatsApp APK Previous Versions

As we mentioned above, we will introduce you to a lot of previous gb WhatsApp versions. But here we are describing the top gb whatsapp old versions. After reading their qualities and features you will be able to choose a correct old version of gb whatsapp for yourself.

gb whatsapp old version apk download

GB Whatsapp v6.25

If you are looking for gb whatsapp old version 2016 then we will suggest you gb whatsapp old version 6.25 download apk. It is a superb and famous version of gb whatsapp at its time. Its main beauty is that it will allow you to read all deleted messages and watch all deleted status. So if you are looking for the oldest version then it is superb addition by co founder of gb whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp v6.70

If you want to get gb whatsapp download 2019 august apk then this version is best for you. It was released in the start of 2019 and then upgraded in august 2019. It became popular due to anti revoke messages functions. Then in the last gb whatsapp download 2019 new version 7.81 apk released which is the same as gb whatsapp old version 6.70 download apk.

GB Whatsapp v8.25

After these above old superb versions of gb whatsapp we will suggest you gb whatsapp old version 8.25 download apk. Which is absolutely oxm. The good thing about this version is that it has a lot of features like the latest version of gbwa but it has no restrictions like the latest version. And due to this today it is famous from all old versions of whatsapp. And the good thing is that it is just about gb whatsapp download 53 mb apk.

GBWhatsapp v8.40

If you are looking for an old version of gbwhatsapp with the latest feature then we will just tell you to get gb whatsapp old version 8.40 download right now. It has most of the latest features like unlimited statuses text length, upto 50 MB media files limit in one chance and a lot of others which absolutely look like the latest gb whatsapp. And it is more famous due to availability on gb whatsapp old version apk download apkpure.

GB Whatsapp v17.50

It is the best and oldest version among all gb whatsapp old version 2020. We can also say it is the latest version according to its release date. But like the latest version it does not require any updates. So you can use it according to your needs without any demand for updates. So if you want to enjoy the latest version without updating then Gbwhatsapp APK Download v17.50 apk is the best option in this way.

Other GB Whatsapp Old Versions


As we all know this is an era of gb whatsapp. So for your ease and affection today we have put all the best gb whatsapp old versions in front of you. For your stability and features you can select any of them. Rather if you are confused to choose the best version among them then above here are other old versions of gb whatsapp. You can also download all of them. After installing gb whatsapp download old version into your mobile phones you will be safe from a lot of restrictions. All other old versions are below here.

Important FAQs

Is there anyone that gps whatsapp download apk?

GB whatsapp v17.50 is a gps whatsapp.

What is the normal size of a gb whatsapp apk?

All gbwhatsapp old versions are around 30-60 mb according to their functions and versions.

Is there any gb whatsapp apk android waves?

No for the security purpose we will not suggest you to download android waves gb whatsapp old version.

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