Gb Instagram Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 For Android

gbinstagram mod apk

Now the official Instagram is not popular because of its drawbacks. At the same time, its owner has made various changes to create a better version of Instagram: GB Instagram mod apk. It is a modded version of Instagram where everything is peaceful. Hopefully, features like Dual Instagram, Customize the app, Hide online presence, Copying of bio’s caption, Built-in auto translator, Zooming of pictures and videos, downloading high-quality videos, etc., will give you new experiences.

Gb Instagram hacked version has a marvellous user interface and graphics. At the same time, its sound quality is also a source of enjoyment. Here, all the items that you will see are genuine. That’s why its superb quality + people’s love have increased its downloads to about 100M+. At the same time, the official version has taken a long time for fame. So this modded version is better than the old version. Thus download it and try some new features.

GB Instagram Mod APK

App Information

App NameGB Instagram Mod Apk
Last Update8 Days Ago
Size38 MB

How To Use Gb Instagram Mod Apk?

With the arrival of the GB Instagram hack version download, all the issues have been resolved. Here, you can download items of all kinds. Note that the downloading of pictures and videos is not possible only. But also, you can download the stories and live streams. For downloading, you must click on the picture’s right icon. After it, many options will appear, but you have to click on the download button. After clicking, you will get that item into the mobile gallery. At the same time, the official Instagram does not contain any downloading feature.

Moreover, here you can also use dual Instagram. You know that we have to also give time to our family and friends. That’s why we make two accounts. While some people also create different versions. But this modded Instagram saves time by giving us a dual Instagram option. We can use both accounts on one mobile when activating this option. While the official version still doesn’t contain any comfortable features like that. That’s why all of its users are now using this modded Instagram. Then avoid the official Instagram and use this version.

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Peerless Features


If the official Instagram is irritating you with its simple interface, try the new functions of the GB Instagram mod apk. Here, you can join and make colourful designs due to various themes. Through these themes, you can create an excellent account. But it would help if you used the new pieces because old articles make them uncomfortable. Besides it, the simple themes do not have a demand. While the app also allows you to get the new tunes from here.

Hide Online Presence

On the official Instagram, if our friends and family members send messages, we should reply. If we don’t answer their queries, they start hating on us. You know that sometimes, we are not in the mood to talk to anybody. So in this situation, chatting or calling is very annoying. Most people, due to this issue, do not use Instagram. But this modded version has a hide online presence option. So through this option, you can hide your data, stories, profiles and other things from hackers.

Copy Anyone’s Bio And Post Caption

In GB Instagram mod apk, a “copy and post the caption” option is present. That allows you to copy and post the captions. You can post these copied captions on all the social media platforms. Sometimes, the talks and philosophy of the people attract us, and we want to save them into the device. But if the app doesn’t allow us to keep such vital lines, then we should throw our Mobil into the wall. The same situation is with the official version. But in this modded version, all the items will be copied and posted only with your hand movements.

Built In Auto Translator

This premium Instagram version has a built-in auto-translate option. By which you can get the translation of texts into all languages. This feature is created only for you if you want to talk with foreign people. Through this translator, both of you will understand the talks of each other. But if this translator were not present, then none would understand the sayings of anyone. So now, the downloading of multiple translating tools and applications is useless. First, you must open the translator and press the text for a long time. In the next 5 seconds, you will get the translation of your text.

Key Features:

  • Gb Instagram mod apk allows you to mark the messages with the stars.
  • You can zoom in on the pictures and videos of all persons.
  • You can also turn off the drag options on the right and left sides.
  • There is a hide view story feature for hiding your accounts.
  • The app also supports the external player.
  • The preview feature will help you to watch the images in full sizes.
  • Free of cost.
  • No root is needed.
  • No chances of being Banned.


Q: Is gb instagram mod apk safe?

Yes, the GB Instagram mod apk is safe as it does not harm the data on the mobiles.

Q: What is gb instagram mod apk?

Gb Instagram mod apk is a modified version of the original Instagram, which contains unique features.

Q: How to download the Gb Instagram mod apk?

Gb Instagram mod apk is not present on the google play store. So you have to download it only from here.


Gb Instagram mod apk is a modified version that doesn’t require any charges for downloading. The features present here are unique. Let’s send and receive messages from your favorite people. Share funny videos and win the hearts of followers. Make calls to talk with friends and girlfriends. Get the translation of all messages from the auto translator. Save your account through the hide online presence option. At the same time, you are also capable of Zooming and downloading pictures and videos. Thus keep enjoying this great application. For getting an idea about the history of Instagram check out insta wiki page.

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