GB Instagram Apk Latest Version 2022 For Android

gb instagram apk

No one is denying the importance of Instagram as it is a very popular platform after Facebook. It was designed in 2010 and is a superb way of communication. But these days it is not providing good results as all we have expected. So in this situation, gb instagram apk download is the only option that can disappear all of our troubles. It is a modded version of the original Instagram offering unbelievable features: download images and videos, dual Instagram, multi-account, anti-ban, built-in auto translator and many more.

Gb+instagram is one of the most trusted platforms offered by the company. There are various tools in the GB Instagram that have made it the #1 communication app. It is a top-rated app because the contributors are still adding extreme functions. At this time, 100M+ people have engaged in it and I hope it will further popular in the coming days. You can also download it from here only with a click on the download button and then freely enjoy its eye-catching functions.

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GB Instagram Apk

App Details

App NameGB Instagram Apk
Size38 MB
Last Update6 Days Ago

How To Use Gb Instagram Apk?

The user interface offered by the gb instagram latest version is very charming. Like Instagram, here you have to add your Google or Facebook account for securing all activities. Then you can enjoy its unbelievable functions without any hesitation. The official Instagram does not allow the zooming of pictures but this modded version is providing you with this option. By which you can zoom the pictures of all people. But you have to click on a picture and then hold it for 2 seconds.

gb Instagram mod apk

Besides this, the built-auto translator option is present that translates all languages. This feature is helpful to you for talking with foreigners. It does not matter which langue he is using. This auto translator will give you the translation in your local language. Gb Instagram update also provides a magic option: hide view story. By enabling this option, you can hide your profiles from other Instagram users. When you watch their stories and videos, your profile will not appear to them.

Shocking Features Of Instagram GB Apk

Download Images And Videos

Instagram gb apk allows its users to download images and videos. Not only this, but here you can also download the stories and live streams of the people. The way to download the picture is easy. First of all, move toward the top right corner of the picture where an icon option is present. Click on it and it will give you several options. While the download option is present in it. So if you click on the download button, then the picture or video will be directly saved to your mobile.

Hide Your Online Presence

Some people do not have any time for performing any online activity on their mobile. This means they also avoid replying to their friends and other people. But sometimes due to this activity, their friends are angry with them. So for such busy people, a hide online presence option is given by the gbinsta. Through this option, they can hide their activities from their friends. It does not matter whether they are online or offline the system will always represent them as offline.


All of us are living a colourful life and we love colours very much. It can not be possible that we like one colour in whole life. That’s why gb instagram plus provides a customization option. By which you can adjust the themes of your desire anywhere and anytime. Imagine how boring is it to use the single colour theme all time. But thanks to the Gb Instagram as it allows us to use two or more themes with a click. If you dont like a theme then you can also switch to a new theme.

Anti banned

There are tons of social media apps and each has a lot of modded versions. The modded version of WhatsApp like Gb Whatsapp can prove dangerous because its privacy policy is against the official WhatsApp. So if the original company come to know its presence then it will be blocked soon. But gb instagram apk is allowed by the original Instagram company. This means there is no risk of the ban because its policy is created in terms of official Instagram.

Copy Anyone’s bio and Post Caption

There is an option to copy bio and post caption in the gb instagram download. By which you can copy and post the caption of other people. These captions can be posted on all platforms like TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. It is a general thing that sometimes we like the talks of other people and we want to copy them. But the original Instagram does not provide this facility. So imagine how wrong is it? While the Gb Instagram has won a lot of love due to this key option.

Dual Instagram

Most of us have indeed created dual Instagram accounts for family and business dealings. This bores us a lot and we want to use both these accounts on the same platform. So in this situation, the instagram gb download is our true companion as it has solved this issue. This means now we can give equal time to our family and business. In addition, this dual Instagram option has also saved our time as we can open two Instagram accounts on one platform.


Gb Instagram apk is a modded version of official Instagram with lots of features. If you are an Instagram user then you should also try this modded version. On the official Instagram, we just upload our pictures and videos but here you can also download the pictures of others. An auto translator is present that will give you the translation in the all world’s languages. Besides this, you can also enjoy zooming in on pictures and videos. Is not it? So let’s download it from here.


Q: How to get Instagram followers?

There are many ways for obtaining followers on Instagram like #Hashtags, Paid promotions and Shoutout etc. But if you want to get followers without any effort then you should use Gb Instagram.

Q: Is Gb Instagram secured to download?

Although Gb Instagram is a third-party app its downloading is completely safe.

Q: What is the difference between the Official and Gb Instagram apk versions?

There are many differences between the official and Gb versions. Official Instagram is simple with limited features while the Gb Instagram offers a variety of unique features.

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