FM Whatsapp Status Saver APP 2022 (Latest)

fm whatsapp status saver

Nowadays status is the main thing for every WhatsApp user. No one can deny the importance of WhatsApp status because it is the only thing due to which we can be aware of the feelings of our near and dear without talking with them in just 30 sec. But sometimes we fall in love with someone’s status and want to keep this status in our gallery. Especially for this purpose today we are granting you with FM WhatsApp status saver apk.

There are a lot of status saver apps but all of them are not adjustable for FM WhatsApp that’s why our developer has tried hard to make a special status saver just for FM Whatsapp users. If you are an FM WhatsApp user and want to download the status of your contacts then this app is perfect for you. Don’t go for other status saver apps because these can be tricky for personal security. It is the best combination with FM WhatsApp.

Intro Of FM Whatsapp Status Saver

Fouad WhatsApp status downloader is a little status downloader app by which you can easily download the status of anyone from your contacts. If you are a fmwa user and want to download the statuses of your contacts then we will suggest this app instead of another status saver because it is specially made for it.

fm whatsapp status download

This app is compatible with all average devices. With this app, you can easily download the status of anyone. Some other apps allow a limited number of statuses for downloading but with this app, you can download unlimited statuses in a day. It means there are no restrictions about the numbers of status.

It just needs an internet connection. For downloading a status you just need to open this app and in this app, all statuses of your contacts will be shown one by one. So click on your favorite status and click on the download button. Your status will download automatically in a few seconds and you can check it in your gallery. Rather if you want to connect your WhatsApp with the web then check how to connect to FM WhatsApp web easily.

FM Whatsapp Status Saver APP (Latest)

Top Features

Here below are the top features of the fmwa status saver which will help you make the right decision about this app. There is no problem with the security because it is made by our developers and checked by the owners and developers of gbclassy. But before downloading read these features in full detail and then decide for yourself.

Download All Deleted Status

The main beauty of this app is that you can download any deleted status of your contacts easily after the deletion of 24 hours. It means in this status app the status will remain up to 48 hours. For 48 hours you can easily download your favorite status. So there are no restrictions to download a status just in 24 hours.

Without ADs

This FM WhatsApp status downloader apk is ads-free. There are no ads. When you download any status saver app from the play store it will show you a lot of ads before and after downloading a status but this app is free of ads. It will save your precious time without wasting it on shitty ads.

Use It On iPhone

If you are an ios user and think that this app will not work on you then you are wrong. It works on an iPhone same as android yes same as an android. There is no chance of disturbance whether you are iPhone or Android user because it works on both perfectly.

Download Unlimited Statuses

Most status downloader apps just allow a limited amount of status to download. But with this status keeper for FM WhatsApp, you can download unlimited status anytime anywhere. Due to this feature a lot of people like this app instead of other statuses apps.

How To Download Status With This App

Are you still confused about the process of status downloading? Then don’t worry. Here below is full detail about the downloading process. By following this process you can easily download any status into your mobile. First, read these steps and then download the status in a few seconds.

  • First of all, you have to go on your original FM WhatsApp and then watch that status completely that you want to download.
  • Then open the FM WhatsApp status saver app. That status will show you in this app.
  • Click on that status. A download button will appear below the video. Then click on. Your status will start downloading automatically.


Here above was the full detail about FMWhatsApp status saver. It is suitable and best for every WhatsApp but it will show more advanced features when you will use it for your FM Whatsapp. There are no cons or problems with this app. But we will recommend you to first read this article and then download and use it. It will help you to use this app in the best way.


Is it a secure app?

It is fully secured with premium antivirus software. All the developers and owners of gbclassy use it for a month for the experience. It worked perfectly.

What is the size of this app?

The size of this app is just about 4MB. It means this app will be so easy and smooth for every device.

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