FM Whatsapp Old Version (8 Best Versions)

fm whatsapp old version

You may think that it is an era of the latest adoption. Of course, everyone wants the latest versions of every app, but why are we providing you with the fm Whatsapp old version? The answer is that our audience and visitors forced us to provide the old fm WhatsApp due to more complications in the latest fm WhatsApp. So that’s why today, we are granting you all the top old versions of fm WhatsApp just on a single page.

Today we are giving you access to the whole fm Whatsapp old version, which was so famous and top-rated in their era. We all know that fm WhatsApp produces its updates fastly. And now the third party developers are making it so complicated that it is not easy to use for a formal person. That is why we decided to give a massive amount of information about the fm WhatsApp letters version.

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fm whatsapp apk old version
FM Whatsapp Old Version

Features Of FM Whatsapp Old Version

Here below are the top features of the old file. As we all know, every mod version of WhatsApp has many features, but here we have described all the top features of the old version. By reading these features, you can make a good decision about switching from the new version to the old version of WhatsApp.

Beautiful Interference

The home screen of the old version is very smooth and full of profitable options that are necessary to use WhatsApp. And its look like an original WhatsApp due to its smoothness and easy use. Here is also a dark theme option that is very interesting. You can change your WhatsApp look into dark and white just with a single touch. It will catch other people when someone sees your phone.

Flight Mode Option

The top and prominent feature of every old version is its flight mode. It is also present in the latest version, but it was so easy to use in old versions rather than the latest version. There is a flight mode button on the homepage. By clicking on it, your WhatsApp will go into flight mode; otherwise, your data will be in use. So you can use the internet for everything. This flight mode will make the notifications off just for the fmwhatsapp old version.

Do Advance Customizations

The leading beauty of fm WhatsApp is that you can change everything in your app without restriction. Meanwhile, GB WhatsApp also does not allow us to do this, but fm WhatsApp allows its users to change everything according to their own needs. In the advanced customization process, the first thing is to change the colour scheme of WhatsApp interference.

You can also change the font colour of your fm WhatsApp. There is also availability to change the message and status text colours. And you can even change the chat colour of a specific person. There is also a background changer option. We know it is not new in this era because it is also present in the original WhatsApp, but it was a fantastic feature, before 2-3 years ago when the original WhatsApp was not in it. It was firstly introduced in FM WhatsApp 2020.

Status Downloader

It is also considered as the main feature of this app due to which most users switch from other WhatsApp to its. FM WhatsApp has a status downloader feature in it. Otherwise, this feature is not present in any other WhatsApp. FOr other WhatsApp versions, we use the status downloader apk. But in this fm WhatsApp download old version app, we will automatically get the status downloader option.

Anti-Delete Feature

All old versions of fm WhatsApp have an anti delete feature in them. With this feature, you can easily see the deleted messages, deleted statuses, and deleted info. You can see the deleted status after 24 hours of its deletion. On the other hand, you can see all deleted messages any time anywhere. So no one can make you fool with this outclass fm WhatsApp apk old version.

Hide FM Whatsapp Media From Gallery

The last and exciting feature of the old version is that you can hide all fm WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery. There is a gallery option in the fm WhatsApp app. So if you will delete the whole media of fm WhatsApp groups and chats, don’t be worried. Just open the fm WhatsApp and click on its gallery. With this feature, you can secure your media just in the app rather than in the galley.

Top Old Features

Why People Are Moving To Old Version ?

We all know that the latest updates are so incredible on every WhatsApp. But the update in fm WhatsApp became unsuccessful for some reason. So instead, the downloaders of fm WhatsApp are increased now. But older adults prefer the old fm WhatsApp due to the following reasons.

The new update of fmwhatsapp is so complicated and is full of options on its home screen. It looks like a low-quality app and not like a WhatsApp app. Meanwhile, the developer has tried to put the latest features in it, but it looks like an odd app due to a lot of options. Due to many options, it is also harder to use it. That’s why most people are now moving towards the old version.

What Should You Do?

In my opinion, if you want to keep your WhatsApp smoother and easy to use, then the old version is best for you. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the latest feature and feel easy to use it, then the latest version is the best option because it has new features and extra security than interference.

Our Opinion (Final Review)

Our opinion about fm WhatsApp apk downloading the old version is so strange from other websites because we prefer quality instead of ease. Even ease is essential but experiencing a high technological thing is more important than a bit of ease. That’s why we always prefer you to download the latest version of fm WhatsApp.

The reason behind it is that the fm Whatsapp old version has few features in it while the latest version has a lot of extra features. It is also more securable and easy to use. The old version is a little bit slower than the latest fm WhatsApp. The latest version is also miniature and more securable than the old. That’s why we always prefer the latest fm WhatsApp instead of the old. Both are good, but the latest is more perfect. Otherwise, if you want ease, then fm Whatsapp old version 2018, fm WhatsApp 2017 download, and fm Whatsapp old version 2019 are best for you.


Are these old versions of fm WhatsApp secure?

Our expert developers and premium software test these. Most employs of our company also using these old versions.

What is the average size of every version?

The average size of every version is near about 50 MB.

Can we use these on iPhone?

Of course, these versions are made for both. You can use the WhatsApp old version on iPhone also.

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