Blue WhatsApp Apk Latest Version Download (Unlimited Features)

Blue Whatsapp Apk

In today’s era, there is no person who does not know about WhatsApp. Everyone knows perfectly how to use WhatsApp. Moreover, this is the most convenient source to share your images, videos, documents, and many more. However, there are a lot of old and new WhatsApp mods and editions on different websites. But all the modes are not perfect and safe. You should not trust every ordinary developer. So that’s why we are also offering the Blue WhatsApp Apk.

Blue Whatsapp is different from all other mods because of its excellent and remarkable features. It can also be called Whatsapp Plus. Although all the modded versions of WhatsApp are similar in features, this app has some special and surprising features for you.

Blue Whatsapp Apk 2022

Fouad Mokdad is a famous developer that has modified the original version of WhatsApp with his expert team. So if you are a WhatsApp user, you must try Whatsapp plus right now.

App Information

NameBlue WhatsApp
Package Namecom.blueWAplus
Size55.5 MB
Last UpdatedFew Hours Ago

How To Play This App?

I think there is no need to explain how to use this app. Even children know how to text and reply. Here I will just explain the fabulous and extraordinary features of this app. At the start, the interface of WhatsApp blue is blue color, but it is not mandatory. You can customize and change the theme and interface of this WhatsApp according to your wish. Aside from this, you can share up to 30 pictures at a time with your friend or in a group.

Blue Whatsapp Apk

Moreover, the picture quality of these photos will never be destroyed. Feel free to send one text message to more than 100 friends at once. In addition, there are some fresh and new privacy features offered in the blue WhatsApp 8.60 apk. Like you can hide your last seen, freeze your WhatsApp, or watch the statuses of your friends without knowing them you have watched. Besides this, there are a lot of features that are explained below here.

Top Features Of Blue Whatsapp Apk

This WhatsApp comes with a lot of exciting features for its dear customers. Moreover, you can download this app from our official website with all features unlocked.

Exclusive Colors & Themes

Most people get tired after using the same theme and interface again and again. So if they will not find a huge variety of different themes, they will uninstall WhatsApp. That’s why our expert developers have designed new eye-catching themes and colors for our dear customers in the blue Whatsapp update download.

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Moreover, you can easily change the background wallpaper, app icon, chat screen, and many more. All it depends upon you is what type of theme you like.

Custom Your Privacy Setting

I know the previous version of this WhatsApp was not so profitable for the customers. But in the blue WhatsApp download 2022 new version, you can enjoy high privacy settings. For example, users can hide their favorite chats within the app. You can hide your typing, online toast, voice recording, and many others. In addition, the user can watch the statuses of their friends anonymously.

New Additional Features

The main feature of blue WhatsApp is that you can watch the deleted messages and statuses of your friends. All the deleted messages will be saved in your chat, you can read or forward them anytime.

Furthermore, feel free to hide blue ticks for your groups and personal chats. No one can know if you saw the messages or not! Moreover, you can add up to 8 members in a video call on this app. In short, if you really want to enjoy all the hacked features of WhatsApp, then this version will be a perfect choice for you.

Built In Media Downloader

Built-in downloader is the most loved feature among individuals by which you can easily download the profile pictures and statuses of your contacts. Not only that, you can watch the profile picture & status of anyone without saving his or her number.

Similarly, you can also send a message to a number without saving it in your contact. In the blue Whatsapp plus 9.11 apk download. No doubt, these features are not available on every mod WhatsApp, but our developers have perfectly done it.

Restore & Backup

You can see the many mod WhatsApp didn’t have any backup. Once you have changed your device or account, all your data will vanish in a few seconds. Moreover, you can not restore this data. That’s the most irritating and annoying feature that disappoints the users.

But our expert team worked hard and honestly to fix this problem. Now in the FM WhatsApp plus blue, your personal data and chats will be protected. Your data will never vanish whenever you change the device.

Definitely Safe & Trustable

Nowadays some bad hackers are trying to hack the mod versions of WhatsApp. So there is a risk to download the modified version of WhatsApp. That’s why most people prefer to download the original WhatsApp.

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But unfortunately, they can not enjoy all the hacked features. So I will suggest you download the blue Whatsapp old version download today. I am hundred percent sure that our WhatsApp mod version is fully protected from hackers. There is no chance of being hacked.

What’s New:

  • Moreover, if you have blocked someone, No one can text or call you, while still, you can watch his or her profile picture and status.
  • You can easily change the notification bar and app icon on your android mobile.
  • The UI system of this amazing app is compatible with all devices including Oppo, Ios, Android, Xiaomi, Samsung, and even iPhone. So don’t worry about it.
  • Customizing the font size and style is another brilliant feature of this app.


Why is my Blue WhatsApp not working?

Your blue WhatsApp version may get old, so regularly update it to smoothly run this app.

What is Blue WhatsApp?

This is the modded version of the original WhatsApp, here the user can enjoy unlimited and amazing hacked features without any cost.

How can I use blue WhatsApp?

It is very simple to use this app, but you can understand all settings with time.

How to Backup Chats in Blue WhatsApp?

Just press the restore and backup option in your setting. You can restore all your chat data with a single tap.

Final Conclusion

No doubt, you may have used different modded versions of WhatsApp in your life, but the version that we are offering is the most popular and embedded with amazing features. So most users select the Blue WhatsApp Apk for their personal use because they can create two accounts at a time. Just switch on the account that you want to use, and you will automatically be directed toward it.

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