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aero whatsapp apk

GBWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp are full of bugs and errors. Therefore, a safe communication platform is an aero WhatsApp apk download. It is the latest and modified WhatsApp version with many unique features. Let’s use strong privacy for account protection. Send millions of stickers and emojis to your friends. Enjoy the Aero themes and font styles wherever you like. Zoom the pictures and videos in a few seconds. Enable the DND mode and get rid of the disturbances.

Bozkurt Hazarr designed the aero WhatsApp latest version and published it in 2019. At the same time, Fouad Mokdad has also spent his time on it. The app has a fabulous look because of font styles and themes. At the same time, its features will catch your attention in a few seconds. That’s why the aro Whatsapp download apk has got 100M+ downloads. Thus click on its download button and use it on your devices. Never try to download it from other websites because it can harm your appliance and can ban your account.

How To Use Aero Whatsapp Apk?

Using the WhatsApp aero download apk is not hard, and you can learn it through this page. First of all, make an account and add your number to it. At the same time, you can also use the app without counting the number. You can never use the official WhatsApp without making an account. So this modded version is thousand times best than the other modes. The app allows you to protect the account from hazards. But you have to activate the lock set-up option.

aero whatsapp beautiful interface

After it, you should talk with your family, friends, neighbors, foreigners, and others. Let’s send mages, videos, and clips to each other for long-time fun. Moreover, your account can become dangerous by talking to criminals and hackers. So avoid such bad guys and block them through the “Block option.” At the same time, you can watch the pictures and videos in full sizes because a zoom option is given. Thus find out some other features of the arrow WhatsApp apk by reading more.

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How To Download And Install Aero Whatsapp Apk:

  • Click on the “Download button” of WhatsApp aero apk download now.
  • Give some time to it so that the downloading will be complete.
  • Enter the phone’s settings and click on the “Unknown resources” option.
  • Now open the “Download folder” and install the app.
  • Check the information on the app and use it freely.
Aero WHatsapp Apk

App Information

Size63 MB
Updated9 Days Ago

Unique Features

New User Interface

The user interface of official WhatsApp is annoying and time-consuming. But the aero Whatsapp download apk has a new and full-fledged user interface. Here, all the functions and controls are high-speed. Thus now you can get the required items in a brief time. Keep in mind that I am telling 100% accurate about the app. So enjoy the fast user interface and get whatever you want. While I assure you that you can not stop your hands from writing comments on the quality of the “user interface.”

Themes And Sticker Packs

In the aero WhatsApp apk, a theme store: “Aero Theme Store,” is present where you will see millions of themes. Not only the themes, but the owner has also introduced various stickers. These themes and stickers can be used with a single click. All the pieces are of high quality and relate to the tunes of Yowhatsapp. In the case of stickers, you can get them at all moments. While the pieces of the official WhatsApp are limited and have the wrong colors. But here, you can also get some new pieces by downloading

Share Images And Videos

The official WhatsApp is not suitable for sharing pictures and videos because a limit has been set on it. That means you have to follow the guides of the app. At the same time, you can share only a few pictures and videos with your friends. So you can not express your emotions in the best way. That’s why the aro whatsapp apk is designed for your needs. By which you can send ten photos and videos of 100MB with a single click. Thus now you can save yourself from trouble and express feelings to anyone.

Anti Revoke Message And Status

Anti revoke messages and anti-revoke status is a feature you can get only on download aero whatsapp apk. Activating anti-revoke notifications will allow you to watch and read the deleted messages. Yes, it is like a hack! And the use of anti revoke status means you can monitor the deleted status of others. Through this feature, you can know what is happening behind you. But the official whatsapp doesn’t provide you with this opportunity. That’s why there you can not get the updates of others.

Key Features:

  • Aero whatsapp update apk has an Inbuilt locker to protect your account.
  • You can also make your account secure through the hide view status and hide view profile options.
  • There is an Auto-reply Feature that will deliver your messages automatically.
  • DND mode will block the notifications.
  • Better Privacy
  • A lot of Emojis.
  • Different Font Styles.
  • Home Screen Customization.
  • Other Customizations.
  • No Need To Root
  • Anti-ban


Q: Is Aero whatsapp apk legal?

Yes, the Aero whatsapp apk is a legal app and will not cause issues for your account.

Q: Is it a safe app?

Yes, it is a safe app, and no one has complained.

Q: How do I download and Install the Aero whatsapp apk?

I have already mentioned the downloading and installing method of Aero whatsapp apk. So move above and read them.


In my opinion, there is no fast and more protected whatsapp version than the aero whatsapp apk. It is trendy because of its modern features. While it is 100% free and we don’t have to use our money on it. I like its privacy which contains hiding view status, hide view profile, and DND mode options. The unique themes, emojis, and stickers will give you a new experience. Here, you are free to customize the screen and other functions. Thus download this modded version from here. While if you want to get an information about original whatsapp then check this page.