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GB WhatsApp APK 2022 Download Latest Version (Antiban)

Before we tell you in detail about the GB WhatsApp apk, we want to tell you the basic story of GBWA Apk. As we know, there are many trending apps in this era for social relations, but WhatsApp has its place due to its privacy and neat functions.

On the way to the original WA, some developers made GBwhatsapp apk, a premium and modified version of the original WhatsApp. Most people search about gbwhatsapp heymods or GB WhatsApp apkpure to get this app on their mobile. If you want to know the use of gb whatsapp then check How to use GB Whatsapp Working (Complete Guide).

But they don’t know these websites have just the original version of the WhatsApp apk. So if you want to free download WhatsApp GB or update WhatsApp GB, then this platform is the only best option for you in which you will get GB WhatsApp new version 2022 for free.

gb whatsapp free download

And also, you can’t download WhatsApp GB from the google play store and on these big sites like apkpure, etc. But, from our website, you will get a gbwhatsapp direct download link that is an easy process for every mobile user. So, now Let’s move down to know the basic storyline of the GB WhatsApp application.

GB WhatsApp Apk Details

APP NameGB Whatsapp Apk
Size 44 MB
Required4.0 Or Above
Updated23 Hours Ago
Root RequirementNo
ModificationExtra features than original whatsapp
Main PurposeGBWA Mod Apk-Hidden Features

Storyline Of GB WhatsApp Apk

Gb WhatsApp latest version apk has many modified functions that you will not see in the original version of WhatsApp. You can even connect Gb WhatsApp descargar and GB WhatsApp baixar with WhatsApp web.

Gb Whatsapp new version has tons of themes in it. We can choose any piece of our own choice. This apk also has dozens of Gb WhatsApp chat background colors, and you can select whatever you need. This apk has a longer status duration. However, It also grants you to download the status of anyone.

You can also send more than 50 MB media video due to the GB WhatsApp video feature, while the original version allows you to send a video of a maximum of 15 MB. Gb WhatsApp FB also offers you to use dual accounts on the same mobile.

You will also be granted mega features like hiding last seen, hiding double tick, autoreply, unique fonts in heymods Gb Whatsapp. Even the Gb Whatsapp apk download process is also much more straightforward and accessible, showing you at the end of this article.

We have discussed many features above, but now it’s time to discuss more other top features and these Gb Whatsapp features in detail. So stay tuned with us and be ready to download latest Gb Whatsapp messenger.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp VS Original Whatsapp

FeaturesGB WhatsappOriginal Whatsapp
Media SharingUp to 50 MBUpto 15 MB
Status Downloader
Supported Languages13045
Blank Messages
Choose own media player
Theme changing
Theme creation
Antirevoke messages
Status character length255 Characters139 Characters
Media Files Limitup to 100up to 30
APP icon changing

Top Features Of GBWhatsapp APK

  • Autoreply
  • Send large size files
  • Send more than 100 pictures at a time
  • Increase your status timing limit up to 7 minutes
  • Enable DnD mode to avoid disturbing
  • Try endless themes
  • Attach beautiful effects with images and videos
  • Share your live locations instantly
  • Change typing fonts according to your mode
  • Broadcast message feature
  • Antirevoke message feature
  • Check the history of all sent and received messages
  • Choose your favorite media player to play videos
  • Enable password on this app to keep yourself secure
  • Taste the developer mode and create your theme
  • Enjoy tons of exclusive emoji’s according to every situation
  • Change the icon of an app on a mobile phone and top of the notification bar
  • However, you can also hide your online status
  • Hide your blue ticks and double ticks
  • You can then download the position of anyone
  • Even you can hide pop up notifications
  • Mark the unread messages from the top of the notification bar
  • Enjoy different 35 languages
  • Enjoy high-quality images and videos

GBWhatsapp Apk Features In Full Detail

Above, we have told you a short description of gbwhatsapp apk features. And now it’s time to give you a brief detail about all the features of base apk WhatsApp that will automatically force you to download Gb WhatsApp apk file from this website. So let’s move down to read about them in full detail.


Send Auto Reply

The first and central feature of GB WhatsApp uptodown apk is enabling the autoreply option in GB Whatsapp Apk. Just go to settings and write an autoreply message. After that, when you are busy and unable to reply to anyone, your selected message will automatically send your near and dear.

It will save your time and even help others to understand your business. Is it not an exciting feature? You have not seen this type of feature in an original version. Even the top social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also do not offer this feature.

Send A Large No Of Pictures

We all know that the original WhatsApp allows us to send a maximum of 30 pictures and videos at a time. But if you want to send more than 30 pics and videos at a time, then Gb Whatsapp down is the best option for you.

The latest version of Whatsapp GB allows you to send more than 100 pictures and videos, which is absolutely a great option and a great pro of this modified app. So don’t waste your time and download gbwhatsapp terbaru right now to enjoy these extra features for free.

Send Big Files Easily

In the standard version, we can send a 16 Mb video in one attempt. But, at the same time, we can also send just 50MB of the audio files. And there is also a limit on text file size. But in this Whatsapp load apk, we can send up to 100MB video and 100MB audio files at one time.

It will automatically consume your time and the time of others. However, if you want to send a text file, it will offer you to send unlimited MBs text files at one time. There is also an option to change their limit in settings. You can select according to your need in this GB Whatsapp mod apk.

Increase Your Status Time Limit

You may think we are mad or we are telling you a lie? But we are 100% right. With this gbwhatsapp+heymods app, you can set your status up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds. So tell me, is it not more interesting than the original WhatsApp?

With this app, you can easily set a prominent video status just in one attempt. It will also cause relaxation for viewers and don’t cause any disturbance while seeing your situation. The main thing is that it will save your time up to 90%.

Enjoy DND Mode

You can also select DND mode in Whatsapp GB settings if you don’t want to disturb by this app’s notifications. This fantastic feature will keep your privacy secure, and you can do any work without any disturbance.

Taste Endless Themes

Original WhatsApp offers you just two themes. This modified version of WhatsApp has endless pieces. You will find tons of articles on DB WhatsApp download new versions made by many developers. They made many themes for users of this app to give a good experience of this app.

Beautiful Effects

This app lets you enjoy beautiful effects while sending any pictures and videos to your besties or family members. And we all know these effects increase our expressions and mode while watching that video or pic. You can add any impact with any media file.

Share Your Live Locations

Another exciting feature of this app is that it offers you to share your live locations with anyone at any time. With this feature, everyone can find you easily or reach your destination without wasting your time.

A Lot Of Fonts

Whatsapp Gb 2021 also offers a lot of fonts. So if you are bored by the simple font of your WhatsApp, then download Gb WhatsApp apk app for android right now. There are millions of fonts. You can choose any font according to your need.

Send Broadcast Messages

Another option of this amazing Whatsapp is sending a broadcast message in a group or a chat. By sending the broadcast message, you can save your time without wasting it.

Anti Revoke Messages Feature

This mod version of WhatsApp has an anti revoke message feature. You can anti revoke a lot of messages at the same time. The specialization of this WhatsApp GB is that it gives you a lot of features and saves your precious time.

So be ready to get gbwhatsapp download 2021 apk. With this feature, You can also revoke a lot of multiple messages at the same time.

Check Message History

You can also check the message history that you have sent to any chat or group. The Gb WhatsApp apk download latest version offers all these fantastic features just in one place.

Enjoy Best Media Quality

We all know that when we send any pic or video to someone, it defects the quality of that image and video. But the best GB WhatsApp app download apk has no issue like this. It always provides original quality pics and videos that you will send to someone.

A lot Of Languages

Whatsapp v name DP apk offers you to select the language that you want. The modified version has about more than 35 different famous languages in it. You can choose your language in it.

Mark The Unread Message

You can also mark the unread message from the notification of this app. By observing the message sender will get the idea that you have seen the news. They will try to avoid sending unnecessary messages when they know that you have seen the letter.

Hide Pop Up Notification

There is also an option to hide pop-up notifications in front of the home screen. With the help of this feature, when you are among many people or using your mobile phone, the reports of your messages will not show on the top bar of mobile.

Status Downloader

Gb WhatsApp downloads latest new version apk also has a status downloader feature. With this feature, you can download any status of your contacts that they have published. So are you ready to download gbwhatsapp update to save your favorite grades into your gallery?

Use Dual Whatsapp

By using WhatsApp GB on your mobile, you can use dual WhatsApp accounts on your mobile at a time. There is no need to remove the original WhatsApp before installing the GB WhatsApp app on your mobile. You can use both simultaneously and choose different accounts on this GB WhatsApp download app.

gb whatsapp new version download

Hidden Message Ticks

The top and main features of GBWA are hidden blue ticks and double ticks on messages. You can hide both double ticks and blue ticks on your notes when someone sends you a message.

Hidden Online Status

If you want to show yourself offline to your contacts, then this feature is also available in जीबी व्हाट्सएप. You can steer yourself offline while using your app. With this, all your contacts thought the user was offline.

Icon Changing Feature

Another top feature of GB WhatsApp update 2022 is that you can change the icon of your GB WhatsApp application. This feature will help you not expose someone other than that you are using WhatsApp GB instead of the original Whatsapp.

Millions Of New Emojis

We all know that without emojis, we can’t share our expressions of that time. And emojis are specially made to show our phrases in front of others. But in the original WhatsApp, we found just little emojis.

But in this GB Whatsapp download for android apk, you will be granted tons of new emojis that you have not seen yet before. So this is a craze feature for all of those who use many emojis in their text like me.

Create Your Own Theme

Hurrah! Gb WhatsApp new version download is also offering all of you to become a theme developer. You can create a new theme in this app with few imaginations and use it for yourself. Most people use their own designed piece in this Gb Whatsapp download latest version apk.

Enable Password On App

There is also an option to enable your password on your GB Whatsapp free download app. If you want to secure your chat from anyone else, this is another excellent option to keep your conversation and data encrypted.

Choose Any Video Player

The original WA allows only default media players for playing WhatsApp videos and statuses. But in this app, you can choose any third-party media player to play any Whatsapp video. You can select your favorite player in this way.

Improved Security Options

The last feature of gb whatsapp apk 2022 is that the expert developers has improved the security functions of gb whatsapp 2022 apk. And now a user can easily use this apk without any hesitation. And now according to us there is a nothing more feature which is not covered in this article. So in this way now we are wrapping. Here below are furthered details which will help you to download this apk.

Requirements Of GB Whatsapp Apk

  • It requires an internet or wifi connection.
  • It involves the location of that device.
  • It requires access to the gallery of that phone.
  • And there is a need to access your contacts with this app.
  • External storage access is also needed for it.
  • Device identity is also another requirement of this app.

How To Download GB Whatsapp

Gbwhatsapp apk download The process is so simple and easy. If you want to download it onto your mobile, then follow these two simple steps.

  • On this page, there is a button to download the GB WhatsApp app.
  • Just click on it. Your WhatsApp downloading will start automatically.

How To Install GB Whatsapp

Downloading any app is not so hard. But installation requires some time and attention. So if you have to download the GB WhatsApp on your mobile, it is time to install it. Follow these steps.

  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Choose your apk file of GB WhatsApp.
  • Then open it and click on install.
  • It may require allowing unknown resources in the setting.
  • Allow unknown resources.
  • Then your Whatsapp apk installation will start automatically.
    After completion, it is ready to use.

Final Thoughts

As we know that the original version of WhatsApp is perfect for all of us. And it also meets perfectly with our daily needs and requirements. But in some cases, it bounds us to a limit. However, we can’t do anything with our authority. We are dependent on original WhatsApp restrictions.

update whatsapp gb

But in GB WhatsApp apk all is in our control. So we can play with our mode and situations by this app instead of the original app. There are no restrictions. And there is also a lot of security option instead of the original WhatsApp. So in this way, we prefer you GB WhatsApp instead of the original version.

Important FAQs

Q. What is GB Whatsapp?

In short, it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that local developers created. While it has fewer restrictions than the original WA. And it has a lot of features that you will not see in the original version of WhatsApp.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp safe?

The apk files of GB WhatsApp provided on our website are especially purely checked by our expert developers and premium antivirus software. However, we also use it for our communication and business purposes. So we have never seen any issue until today.

Q. Is it made for the iPhone?

Yes, of course. whereas Both android and IOS users can use this app on their smartphones.

Q. Can I use this GBWhatsApp while using the original WhatsApp?

Obviously, you can use dual Whatsapp on your mobile. This app is made for this purpose.

Q. Is the Whatsapp chat encrypted or not?

Your every chat is 100% encrypted. There is no issue of security and privacy. Don’t hesitate about this. If any problem occurs, we will be responsible for this.

Q. How can we update GB WhatsApp latest 2021?

It is not necessary to update Gb WhatsApp. But it would be good practice if you want to correct it. Whether it’s updating or not will not cause any problem in your app.

Q. Is there any need to root the device for this app?

No, there is no need to root your device for this app.

Q. Can I see deleted messages of someone with this app?

Why not? If you are tired of someone who permanently deleted their message, download the GB WhatsApp apk to see all their deleted messages undoubtedly.

If you have some queries or questions, then ping us below in the comment section. However, we are always here to help you.